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Places to eat in Liverpool

Liverpool has some of the best places to eat, all offering a wide variety of food for its customers. I have compiled a list of some of the best eateries that Liverpool has to offer.

  • Liverpool One food hall – At the top of Liverpool One is an amazing food complex that houses some of the best places for one to eat in the city centre. It houses restaurants such as; Nando’s, Yee-Rah, Five Guys, Zizzi, Las Iguanas, Pizza Express, Wagamama’s, Pizza Hut, Palm Sugar, Turtle Bay, Wahaca, Bar Burrito, Bem Brasil, Byron Burger, Ed’s Diner and many more. My top favourite restaurants in Liverpool One are; Cote, Jamie’s Italian, Nando’s, Wagamamas and The Club House. As I work in Liverpool One, I get to use a staff discount in all of these venues, which is great as a student as I am often on a budget.

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  • Bold Street – Bold street has many little quirky cafes on offer for its punters.

    • Leaf – A great vegan friendly restaurant located at the top of Bold street which turns into a club at night. This café is incredibly unique and has some of the best café food around. I love to go here after a lecture at University and just unwind in the surroundings. One of my favourite drinks is the hot chocolate. It literally tastes like a melted bar of chocolate. It is incredibly rich and laden with marshmallows to top it all off.

    • Love thy neighbour – Again, another great vegan friendly place to enjoy a meal. Love thy neighbour is always incredibly busy so I would recommend going there in between the peak times. I have found that the best time to eat there is around 3pm, but I have still been waiting for a table sometimes when visiting the café at that hour. The food is incredibly well made, however, every visit I have had there, there has been a 20-25-minute wait on food. Never the less, I would definitely say it is worth the wait as the quality of the food has been excellent. On the occasions that I have visited I have opted for the ‘Vegan All Day Brunch’ and the ‘Garlic Mushroom and Halloumi Sandwich’. Both of which have been of an extremely high quality.

    • Soul Café – This spot is a great little inexpensive dining haven for Liverpool’s students. Due to the great prices in this café, many students opt for this café as their destination of choice and the food quality is always great. The food is comfort food and comes pretty well made for the price that you pay. However, if you want something a little more extravagant, then maybe skip this place.

    • Mowgli Street food – This place is more of a restaurant, so perfect for those looking for some food that is a little more substantial than some of the cafes on offer on Bold street. This Indian restaurant is one of my absolute all-time favourites. The atmosphere is always great, and the food is excellent value for money.

  • Seel Street – Home to some of the best bars (in my opinion) in Liverpool, Seel Street also has some great eateries on offer for those wishing to venture out of the city centre.

    • Cowshed – This restaurant is slightly steep in price, but it is definitely worth the money. I have visited this place only the once, but I am eager to go back there. If you are a fine of prime beef, then this is the place for you. I opted for a Rib Eye steak the last time I was there. The portions were plentiful, however, I do not like the fact that I have to pay for a side order of fries with a main meal. So, you end up paying a little bit more than what you would do in other restaurants.

    • Salt Dog Slims – Slims is one of my all-time favourite bars EVER. So, when I tried their food, I was not disappointed. I opted for the Kornflake Fried Chicken, which was hands down, the best fried chicken I have ever tasted and also a side of BBQ Brisket Beans – which were incredibly well made.

    • Kazimier Gardens – This wonderful little outdoor bar also serves food, to my surprise! So, one night after work, myself and a colleague opted to try their offerings – as we already loved their ales on offer. We were not disappointed. I opted for a hearty Grilled Cheeseburger that came with some seriously good fried onions. We shared a portion of halloumi fries and we were both very suitably full-up afterwards. This unique little venue is one of my favourites along Seel street, so try it out!

  • Hanover Street

    • Turtle Bay – This chain restaurant is one that everyone has to try when visiting Liverpool. Although there is often a long wait for food, due to how busy the venue is, the quality of the Caribbean style food is one that is unmatched by a lot of other chain restaurants.

    • Hanover Street Social – If you’re looking for somewhere that isn’t a chain restaurant, then the Hanover social is the place for you. Filled with local scousers, this place really has a great atmosphere. The prices are pretty well calculated and you can often find some really great food at affordable prices in this unique establishment.

    • Lunya – This traditional Spanish restaurant is a must for people to try. The service has always been excellent when visiting Lunya. On my last visit I opted for a collection of tapas which included; Catalan country pork pate, Calamari and Duck breast. The quality of these dishes was immense and Lunya has become a new favourite of mine in the tapas and Spanish food industry.

  • Albert docks

    • Gusto – This Italian at the heart of the Albert docks is a must for any visitor to Liverpool who is looking for an excellent meal with high quality service. This is one of mine and my family’s favourite place to eat, we have never been disappointed, and the quality of the entire experience has been entirely memorable.

    • Revolution – Known for their beautiful cocktails, Revolution also has some great street food and main meals on offer. The food is slightly pricey for the portion size you receive; however, the quality of the food is always amazing. On my last visit, I opted for the ‘Chicken Caesar Salad’ which for 9.95, was pretty good!

    • Pumphouse – This Greene King pub is perfect for those who are looking for good value for money. This place is always absolutely packed when I visit, as it always has a long wait for food. However, if you visit on a quieter day, you will not be disappointed. This pub/ restaurant is a cult favourite down at the docks, and the building it is situated within has some great views of the waterfront.

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