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  • blue city

    Warsaw is the capital city of Poland which is located in the central zone of the country. Its strategic location makes it suitable for habitation. warsaw as a capital city of Poland it also gives the guarantee of safety and Security in this city. Security ranges from...

    0 by Zakariya, 2 years ago
  • Whats in Warsaw? #13

    Getting there Source This piece will be the last country of my Eurotrip. I had been visiting a mate of mine in Sweden while visiting Malmo. I had met this mate while in Australia as he was on exchange. After enjoying two fun filled days with him I decided to take the...

    1 by Michael, 3 years ago
  • The Night Life in Warsaw

    Turning now to the core of the nightlife, I have no idea where to start, so I will list some of the most well-known places between students and my experiences with some of them. Multipub: It was the first pub/club that I went to on my second day of arriving in Warsaw....

    0 by Sophie, 3 years ago
  • Time to Explore Warsaw

    My classes were supposed to start from October, so I had 2, 3 days to explore Warsaw. I have already described in my earlier blog how well Warsaw had treated me for my journey from the bus stop to my hostel. First thing first, buy a 24 hour transport ticket. It will...

    0 by Saba, 3 years ago
  • Going to cafés in Warsaw

    There are different districts in Warsaw where you can have a really good coffee, each one has a special charm so don't hesitate to go and visit them all. Nowy Świat district As I've already said, this is the main street to spend free time in the city. Here, we can find...

    0 by Ross, 4 years ago
  • A weekend away from Paris and France - trip to Warsaw

    I already mentioned that before. Erasmus is not only about studying and staying in one city. The most important thing is to make ever lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. How do you do it? Do you things together! Go on adventures! Travel! I made many friends...

    1 by Nadine, 4 years ago
  • Varsovians Review: The Imperial Cities (Prague- Vienna- Budapest)

    Taking advantage that we had about 10 days of Easter holiday, we decided to do a tour of Prague, Vienna and Budapest, the imperial cities. This is the typical trip you cannot miss if you are in a nearby country or you are an Erasmus student in one of them. Each city has...

    1 by Rhea, 5 years ago

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