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  • Forum

    Erasmus Lisbon 2015 / 2016 (English)

    Hi guys! I knew few days ago that I'll be in Lisbon for 9 month! I'll be studying at Tecnico Lisboa and I love play basketball, have fun, meet new people from all over the world and i'm hoping to do a surf course, as I saw in some videos.. Also, i'm looking for a flat...

    by Marco in Erasmus forum Lisbon, 12 minutes ago
  • Blog

    EA sport Announced The Futties

    Fifa coins buy review,cheap fifa 15 coins,best place to buy fifa coins,cheap fifa coinsStarted from 1stJuly,10 separate FUT 15 award of categories we all have the  vote right to vote Ultimate Team athletes that we like most . EA still haven't released catagories  ea...

    0 by rico in Erasmus news, 27 minutes ago
  • Roommate

    looking for a residence hall

    Hey, I will be in Paris to do my master degree at EPITA and looking for a residence hall where I can both have fun and a quiet place to study and preferably near the campus, I can also be a really flexible roommate and can easily get along with different types of...

    0 in Roommates Paris, 38 minutes ago
  • Forum

    An Italian student goes to Lisbon

    Hi,  I'm Marco, an Italian student at the Università Politecnica of Marche in Ancona. I won a nine month Erasmus'scholarship and I'll go to Lisbon in September, so i'm looking for an apartment, possibly near Campus Alameda. Don't hesitate to contact me! See you in...

    by Marco in Erasmus forum Lisbon, 44 minutes ago
  • Accommodation

    FindYourPlace Best place for exchange students in Santiago! FindYourPlace is a housing platform for exchange students in Santiago, Chile. We offer completely furnished, ready-to-move-in apartments to share with other students from around the world. Our places...

  • Blog

    Sign Chelsea striker Salah in Fifa 16 Coins

    After signing Di Bala, Khedira and Man Chu Keech, Juventus didn't mean close hand, they could inside the transfer market this summer after which it complete something useful. According to Dumas economic Austria personal website reported that striker Carlos Tevez is...

    0 by xuan in Erasmus news, 3 hours ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Barcelona 2014 / 2015 (English)

    Hey everyone! My roomate and I have placed a deposit on an awesome 3 bedroom place in the Barrio Gótico and still have one room to fill so we're looking for another girl roommate! It was just renovated and is in the perfect location for both going to school and...

    by Sara in Erasmus forum Barcelona, 4 hours ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Budapest 2015 / 2016 (English)

    مرحبا، أنا فؤاد طالب هندسة معمارية في جامعة تشرين، اللاذقية ومدرس في الجمعية العلمية السورية للمعلوماتيةانا ذاهب الى بودابست في أغسطس حتى يوليو.،...

    by Fouad in Erasmus forum Budapest, 4 hours ago
  • Accommodation

    Free room in a 2 bedrooms and sunny apartment in Cedofeita for the summer

    Hello everyone, As my flatmate is leaving on the 19th of July 2015, I am looking for a new flatmate from that date till the end of August 2015. It's 2 bedrooms apartment in Cedefieta, great and central location with everything in the neighborhood, 5 to 10 minutes...

  • Forum

    Erasmus Porto 2015 / 2016 (English)

    Hey guys, I am already a student in Porto, I will stay here for the summer till the end of August/September to finish my thesis. I live in a 2 bedrooms apartment and my flatmate will leave on the 19th of July so if someone is doing an internship or something in Porto...

    by Tarek in Erasmus forum Porto, 5 hours ago
  • Accommodation

    Double bedroom in the Viaduct - Gabrielle FRADIN

    Hey ! We're four third year girls looking for one more housemate :)  The house is in the Viadcut, where most students live and very close to the town centre. We’re all around 20 years old. One of us is French and the 3 others are English so we’d be quite good with...

  • Roommate

    22 years old guy looking for a room to rent on the winter semester

    Hello: Im a peruvian studen who is looking for a room during the winter semester (from September 15' to February 16'). I would like to rent an independent room in a shared apparment in preference close to Hochschule Bremen or close to a public transport stop. Im would...

    0 in Roommates Bremen, 5 hours ago
  • Experience

    Experience in Bragança, Portugal by Cecília

    What is it like to live in Bragança? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? Living in Bragança has it's moments. As long as there are students it's the best place to live but when the students go on vacations there is little moviment, don't get me wrong it's...

    0 by Cecília in Erasmus experiences Bragança, 5 hours ago
  • Accommodation

    Furnished four room apartment, three 21-year-old-females looking for another roommate (female or male).

    It is a four room apartment, with two bathrooms, a kitchen and a big living room with two balconies. Next to arguelles metro stop, direct line to Sol and to Nuevos Ministerios, and next to Parque del Oeste and 10 mins walk from Moncloa and Plaza de España. All...

    0 in Flats and apartments Madrid, 6 hours ago
  • Roommate

    Chilled out 18Yo Australian needs a home for 6mnths in Vienna

    Hey, My Names ReubenIm an Australian moving to Austria in October just to explore the world and live life, Im a easy going person planning to travel lots of Europe, first stop Austria.I arrive in late october and am looking for a sharehouse/appartment/student home sort...

    0 in Roommates Vienna, 6 hours ago
  • Roommate

    24yo looking for shared flat or studio in Bucharest

    Hey everybody! I will be studying at the University of Bucharest for two semesters and so I'm looking for a place to stay. I am very easy-going and adaptable: I equally enjoy spending time by myself (watching movies, reading or just studying) as doing fun stuff with...

    0 in Roommates Bucharest, 6 hours ago
  • Roommate

    MBA Student University Bologna Looking for 1-Year Apartment Lease

    Greetings from Chicago, I am coming to Bologna for a 12-month MBA program at the University, and I am looking to lease a furnished apartment or studio for a year from beginning September 2015 through August 2016. I am not looking for roommates -- only for myself.  Many...

    0 in Roommates Bologna, 6 hours ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Porto 2015 / 2016 (English)

    Hi everyone! I'm Mireia and I'm from Spain. Next year I will study economics at the Universidade do Porto for the whole year. I want to live near the city center not far to the metro ( I have to take the yellow line to go to the university). I'm looking for flatmates....

    by Mireia in Erasmus forum Porto, 7 hours ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Gent 2015 / 2016 (English)

    Hi everyone! :) I am Bengü from Turkey. I will be studying in Ghent University Faculty of Sciences in the first semester(from 16-09-2015 to 31-01-2016). I am also looking for accomodation right now, preferably single room or studio. The school's halls of residence...

    by Bengu in Erasmus forum Gent, 7 hours ago
  • Forum


    Hola!  :D

    by Gianluca in Erasmus forum Huelva, 8 hours ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Valencia 2015 / 2016 (English)

    Hey whats up peeps, My name is Eamonn, Im Irish. I wil be studying in the Faculty of Psychology from September to June, I look forward to starting this adventure with you all!!!

    by Eamonn in Erasmus forum Valencia, 8 hours ago
  • Roommate

    Looking for roommates from Sepembert to February

    Hi! My name is Anxo and I am 26 years old. I am sudying Audiovisual Communication in University of Vigo (Spain) and I am going to VERN' University of Zagreb from September to February. I am looking for international people to share flat in the city center. I prefer to...

    0 in Roommates Zagreb, 8 hours ago
  • Roommate

    21 years old student looking for house and housemates

    Hi everyboy. I'm Fabrizio. I'm a 21 years old italian student and I will be studying languages in Lille 3 from September. I'm looking for an apartment to share with somebody. It really doesn't matter the nationality and the age. The only thing that matters to me is...

    0 in Roommates Lille, 8 hours ago
  • Experience

    Experience in University of Geneva, Switzerland by Carina

    Generally, what is University of Geneva like? It's a really nice University, modern and big. Most classes are quite big, I am studying International Relations, so in the first years we were in most classes around 600 students, so that changes a lot to the small classes...

    0 by Carina in Erasmus experiences UNIGE , 8 hours ago
  • Experience

    Experience in México, D.F., Mexico by Mark

    What is it like to live in México, D.F.? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? It is a very bustling, sometimes crazy but also very lovely and charming place. Paradoxically, it appears greener as most cities in Germny. And considering the size of the...

    0 by Mark in Erasmus experiences México, D.F., 9 hours ago


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