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Latest activity on Erasmusu

  • Roommate

    23years old girl looking for a room in Lyon

    Hi everyone! My name is Giulia, I am 23 and I am italian. I am going to be an erasmus at sciences po lyon.  I am looking for a place to live! can you help me? I'll stay there from the beginning of january until the beginning of June. I am available to come to visit in...

    0 in Roommates Lyon, 5 minutes ago
  • Experience

    Muslims? So this is Christmas.

    Hi, I would like to share with you my amazing experience, especially now when religion and lack of knowlegde is something what can destroy beliefes in others. Once upon a time, when all of my erasmus friends already left to their countries for Christmas, there was a...

    0 by Pawel in Erasmus experiences Brno, 23 minutes ago
  • Place

    Pub crawl

    I did the Pub Crawl with the Esn and a lot of erasmus students. Most of them were of Bme university. We visited I think 8 pubs in Buda. I didn't know them before. We did some game in each pub and at the end of the night everyone was drunk. It was a great experience and...

    0 by Stefano in Erasmus party Budapest, 30 minutes ago
  • Place

    Balaton Lake

    I went there with the Esn, we were a lot of students. It was at the beginning of my erasmus experience and I didn't know almost anyone. We had good time partying and discovering a small city next to the lake. The first day was quite cold but we drank a lot so it wasn't...

    0 by Stefano in What to see Budapest, 36 minutes ago
  • Place

    Ferencvaros stadium

    I went with some friends to see a football match between 2 hungarian football club. We didn't know the name ( hungarian football is not so famous), we went there just to do something different. We didn't go inside the stadium because it was a derby between two of the...

    0 by Stefano in What to do Budapest, 39 minutes ago
  • Roommate

    21 year old language student from England, looking for an apartment/ flat in Bari.

    Hey! I'm Matt, I'm a language student from England and in February I will be starting my Erasmus student placement in Bari until July! I will be studying at The University of Bari Aldo Moro. I am English and I speak Spanish, French and Italian. I am preferably looking...

    0 in Roommates Bari, 42 minutes ago
  • Place

    city centre

    Bruges is a medieval city . It is near Brussels and I went there by train. The ticket was not so expensive but I don't remember the price, sorry for that. It has the fame to be a little venice cause of their little rivers. The city is not so big, I visited it in an...

    0 by Stefano in What to see Brugge, 52 minutes ago
  • Roommate

    21 Yr old guy, looking for roommate in spring

    I am a 21 year old student from Miami doing a longterm internship in Paris starting at the end of January. I am currently looking at 2 bed room apartments that are very nice and would be about 1000 euro per person. I am someone who likes to explore and have fun while...

    0 in Roommates Paris, 55 minutes ago
  • Place

    La Grande Place

    This square rapresent the centre of Brussels. It is huge and very beautiful. In my opinion one of the best in Europe.It's ok to visit it during the day but in the night is another thing. It is just AMAZING (look at the photos). The style of the buildings is gotic. The...

    0 by Stefano in What to see Brussels, one hour ago
  • Roommate

    i and my brother are coming to Graz for an observership programme in medical university of Graz, from january 4 to january 22

    I am coming with my brother, we are medical students from ukraine coming for an observership programme, we are looking forward to share a room, we are friendly and peaceful. we are looking forward to an apartment or student dormitory....with a maximum of 400 dollars,...

    0 in Roommates Graz, one hour ago
  • Place


    In Brussels you can find a lot of wonderful murales. They are not in the same place, but they are all over the city. I upload some of them. I really liked them. It's fantastic to walk around the city just to discover them. Everyone is different. A lot of them are...

    0 by Stefano in What to see Brussels, one hour ago
  • Roommate


    Hello! I'm a spanish girl, called Ros. I'm 22 years old and I'm graduated in law in Spain. I'm looking apartment in Milano City. I only want to stay there two months. I'm very responsible, clean, friendly and open-minded. I would like to be with italians for learn...

    0 in Roommates Milano, one hour ago
  • Place


    It's a very nice monument and one of the symbol of Brussels. It is not in the centre but you can arrive there easily. I was there during my interail. You can go inside the monument and see Brussels from the top. There is a thematic park close to it but I didn't go...

    0 by Stefano in What to see Brussels, one hour ago
  • Accommodation

    great place close to subway, metrobus station in Mecidiyekoy / Ortaklar

    Hi I am working at international company and looking homemate for my 2+1 flat. I am clean, tidy, non smoker and easygoing person and looking same criterias. My flat is very close to subway, metrobus and bus station in Mecidiyekoy Ortaklar street. Flat is full...

    0 in Flats and apartments Istanbul, one hour ago
  • Accommodation

    İzmir accommodation flat flatmate

    I'm 38 and live with my fifteen-year-old daughter. I rent a room for students. If you are looking for a reliable family home, feel free to contact me. I am looking for someone to stay with us who will attend İzmir Üniversitesi, İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi, Yaşar...

    0 in Flats and apartments Izmir, one hour ago
  • Accommodation

    Cozy apartment for rent

    I am renting my apartment in Török utca for 6 months, from January till June 2016, while I am studying abroad. Personal belonging (books, clothes, decoration, etc) will be removed, but everything else that is useful for you will stay in the apartment. It is well...

    0 in Flats and apartments Budapest, one hour ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Vaxjo 2015 / 2016 (English)

    Hello ! My name is Benjamin, and I am going to study (modern languages) in Växjö on the second semester of the current university year. I'll be in Växjö around 10th of January, but I'm still looking for a place to live, like a room in a shared flat, or a private...

    by Benjamin in Erasmus forum Vaxjo, 2 hours ago
  • Roommate


    Hello there, I am a female from Spain and have lived in Switzerland and USA the last 10 years. I will be in Zurich for an intensive german course from Jan 2016 til June 2016. I am very responsible, sportif, tidy and easygoing person, and won't spend too much time at...

    0 in Roommates Zurich, 2 hours ago
  • Accommodation

    double room in city center

    ........................................................................................................................................ Rent a double room in via eusebio bava.The cost of each bed is 230 euro in the months from November to April, and 185 euro from May...

  • Forum


    Salut Cosmin.

    by Crangă in Erasmus forum Kaunas, 3 hours ago
  • Roommate

    25 year old girl, looking for accomodation in Amsterdam.

    I am easy-going person, I like to be surrounded by people, plus I'm studying during my staying at amsterdam ( just working ), so I wouldn't mind sharing the room with somebody else. I love to listen to vinyl and to travel. I lived with about about ten roomates ( during...

    0 in Roommates Amsterdam, 3 hours ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Porto 2015 / 2016 (English)

    Hey guys.I will be in Porto (ISCAP) from february to mid july. Is anyone looking for a room mate? If yes, so do i. Don't hasitate to contact me if you'd like to discuss anything.Cheers.

    by Berk in Erasmus forum Porto, 3 hours ago
  • Forum

    For students studying in Ljubljana, January-July 2016

    Hey :) I'm a 19 year old girl from UK and looking to make friends before arriving :) I plan on travelling a lot when I'm over there. I'm studying in Ljubljana next year at the faculty of economics, and will be arriving late January. I was wondering if anyone has...

    by Chloe in Erasmus forum Ljubljana, 3 hours ago
  • Accommodation


    The 18sqm apartment is very quiet, recently renovated (June 2015), overlooking the inner courtyard of the room, is bright and faces south and enjoys light and sun all day. Decorated in a basic but nice and functional to accommodate up to 4 people, inside is everything...

  • Roommate

    19 year old girl looking for accommodation and roommates in Ljubljana

    HI :) I'm a 19 years old from UK! I'll be coming to study at Ljubljana in January/February. Looking for roommates whilst im over there, until June/July :-) It would be nice to make a group of friends before arriving, I intend to travel a lot whilst I'm there. So, it...

    0 in Roommates Ljubljana, 3 hours ago


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