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  • Job


    I'm looking for help with my kids - we had help from a German student for 2.5 years but she's now gone to a new university.  Looking for: - spontaneous babysitting and help either at weekends or week days for max 3 hours a time - situated at bogenhausen near Kaefer...

    0 in Student jobs Munich, 7 minutes ago
  • Accommodation



  • Roommate

    Two Professors seek sublet for June 2015

    Hi.  We are two professors from the Boston US area who will be visiting the University in June.  We need to sublet an apartment (or house) for the month.  We are responsible, nice people.  If you have a larger place --we want to bring our (grown) children, and are...

    0 in Roommates Groningen, 39 minutes ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Brussels 2015 / 2016 (English)

    Hi,I am writing with regards to your ad. I am also looking for an apartment in Brussels. Are you interested in forming a group of tenants, so that we can rent a place from one of the agencies? My budget is also limited just like yours, so I thought maybe we can find...

    by Murad in Erasmus forum Brussels, 44 minutes ago
  • Blog

    Florence - Do You Really Want Beauty, Art, And History?

    So you just want a modern European city where you can relax with great views, plenty of nightlife, and lots of open areas where you can kick back and do your own thing. Florence might sound a little full on as it’s bursting with history from art, to fashion,...

    0 by Peter in Erasmus blog Firenze, one hour ago
  • Forum

    fake ads

    Also, I had email from jeremy novel. Also, I had two emails from other people but i don't know they are same as scam or real. but, totally we need to be careful. I have not expect honestly. 

    by Mili in Erasmus forum Copenhagen, one hour ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Szeged 2015 / 2016 (English)

    Hi guys! I will be in Szeged too but just for 6 months...I'm from italy :)

  • Roommate

    Looking for a Flatmate in Brussels

    Hi, I am a professional from Baku, Azerbaijan. Given that I was born and lived in Russia for 6 years, in the UK for a year and a half and in Brussels for three months while doing my internship, I am very comfortable in a multicultural environment. Since I was offered a...

    0 in Roommates Brussels, one hour ago
  • Roommate

    21 years old girl looking for accommodation(May to June) in budapest

    Hello, I am nayun studied in SZIE I am searching flat to stay from May till June.(2 months) And the maxium price is 300 Euro :) Finding flat is urgent situation to me. So please contact me, if your room is available As soon as possible. I would be happy you will...

    0 in Roommates Budapest, one hour ago
  • Roommate

    Flat to share between End of may/1st june and end of august

    Hi! I'm Lisa, student in animation film making in France. I'll be doing an internship in Oslo from 1st june to the end of august. I'm looking for a roomate or several ones, preferably girls :) I'm a funny and easygoing person, who loves drawing and music! But I'm a...

    0 in Roommates Oslo, 2 hours ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Zaragoza 2015 / 2016 (English)

    Hi! We are two mexican girls we'll move to Zaragoza in September for 6 months, we are lawyer students and we're looking for people to move find a place to live in. If someone is interesting, please let us know, contact us!

    by Alice in Erasmus forum Zaragoza, 2 hours ago
  • Roommate

    21 years old french girl is looking for accommodation in Copenhagen

    Hello ! I am a 21 years old girl who is looking for an accommodation in Copenhagen (Frederiskberg if it is possible) from September 2015 to Frebruary 2016. I will do an internship in a web agency, it will be my first experience abroad alone and I am so excited about...

    0 in Roommates Frederiksberg, 3 hours ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Vienna 2015 / 2016 (English)

    Hey guys. I'm Sebastian :) i'm a student at Aberdeen University and will be on an Erasmus exchange from September to January. I am currently looking for people interested in flat-sharing cos the university accommodation is quite competitive and a bit more expensive. I...

    by Sebastian in Erasmus forum Vienna, 3 hours ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Vienna 2014 / 2015 (English)

    Hey mate. how are you doing? My plans are exactly the same. I am coming over to Vienna by the end of August to start the German course and then stay until January in the student halls. I'm an Erasmus student from Aberdeen university. cheers 

    by Sebastian in Erasmus forum Vienna, 4 hours ago
  • Roommate

    20 years old girl searching for accommodation in Istanbul, Kadiköy

    Hi there! My name is Anouck, 20 years old, and I'm going to study in Istanbul for the first semester (starting in September). I'm currently living in Nijmegen, the Netherlands,  as a third year Political Science student.  So I'm looking for a dormroom to live in for...

    0 in Roommates Istanbul, 4 hours ago
  • Roommate

    20 years old intern is looking for accommodation in Prague

    Hi, I'm 20 and studying Computer Science in Turkey, Ankara. I will do internship for 3 months in Prague (May 7-August 4). My English is not perfect but there will be no difficulties in conversations. I can adapt different environments easily. It will be my first oversea...

    0 in Roommates Prague, 4 hours ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Nijmegen 2015 / 2016 (English)

    Hey everyone! I've been accepted into HAN uni for the Autumn Semester. I study Education, live near Melbourne in Australia and can not wait to head over!  

    by Joel in Erasmus forum Nijmegen, 4 hours ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Geneva 2015 / 2016 (English)

    Hello!! My name is Cristina, I'm studying bussiness and law in the University Autónoma of Madrid. Next semester (September 2015- January 2016) I'm going to the University of Geneva. Is anybody here also studying bussiness or law? And what are you guys doing with the...

    by Cristina in Erasmus forum Geneva, 4 hours ago
  • Roommate

    Desesperate girl searching for a bed in Milano

    Hi, I'm an international trade student and I'm doing my training in Milano. I'm a cool girl. I love to share and discovering people and other cultures. I know how to keep a place clean and understand what is respect of each others (about noises etc). I'm a little bit in...

    0 in Roommates Milano, 5 hours ago
  • Roommate

    Hello, I am 35 year old , I am friendly, quiet and friendly looking room in the city of Rennes,

    Hello, my name is Miguel Angel, I am a 35 year old, I am kind, quiet and diverido. I am biologist geneticist. I would like a furnished room, which can initially staying for one month from August. I'll go to the city of Rennes with the mission to learn French at the...

    0 in Roommates Rennes, 5 hours ago
  • Roommate

    20 years old student looking for rommates

    Hello everyone! I'm a 20 years old student from Santander, a city on the north of Spain, I will study education in the Universidade do Porto for a whole school year (Srptember 2015-July 2016). I would like to find as many rommates, from different countries, as possible,...

    0 in Roommates Porto, 5 hours ago
  • Forum

    TARTU ÜLİKOOL ! ! ! 2015-2016

    Hi everbody from Turkey :) Estonia tartu ulikool on the spur of the moment that I gained at University in the fall I plan to be there. you have other friends to go if you're in Please contact with me

    by bilgen in Erasmus forum Tartu, 6 hours ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Oporto 2015-2016

    Hello  I have a good apartment ,  the apartment Large and Sunny Appartment in center of Porto ( Duplex), Portugal, for 2 or 3 students.,  Wellcome Regina

    by Regina in Erasmus forum Porto, 6 hours ago
  • Roommate

    flat for girls of all nationalities and cultures

    Hello, my name is Rocio and I'm going on Erasmus all next year to Krakow, to U Frycza Academy, and I'd like to find a flat share with girls near university . I'm 22 years old and I'm from Seville, Spain. I love meeting other people from diferent cultures, cooking,...

    0 in Roommates Krakow, 6 hours ago
  • Job

    Private English conversation lessons with 9 years old Czech boy

    I'm looking for an English native speaker living (studying or working) in Prague which would give private conversation lessons to 9 year old Czech boy living in Prague 5, a beginner. It shall not be a certified teacher, just someone who will motivate the boy to...

    0 in Student jobs Prague, 6 hours ago


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