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Latest activity in Erasmusu

  • Roommate

    mph research student looking for a room in a flat from 18th DEC to 7th Jan.

    Outgoing, understand and multiculturally brought up. am able to cope up with different people. a room in an apartmet, shared one in dorm or short stint lease from another student will do. i would prefer male room mates if the places are shared. am ready to provide any...

    0 in Roommates Trieste, 9 minutes ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Barcelona 2014 / 2015 (English)

    Hello! I’m a Belgian girl, 23 years old and i’ll we be in Barcelona from February until June! I’m looking for flatmates so, if you are also looking for some people to share a flat, please contact me:)

    by sarah in Erasmus forum Barcelona, 34 minutes ago
  • Place

    Vatican City

    The Church of the Vatican is the place where all religious people gather from all over the world to see this sacred place. The thing that amazed me the most , was the phrase of our tourist guide, that said the side hallways of the St. Peter's Vasilica, were built in...

    0 by Paul in Qué ver Vatican, 38 minutes ago
  • Place

    Tivoli - Villa Adriana

    Tivoli is located just 30 km from the center of Rome , and by car it's a 20minute ride if there is no traffic on the road (but who am I kidding , if you have a car in Rome then you detest traffic because it makes you really angry)Anyway, it's a great opportunity for...

    0 by Paul in Qué ver Rome, 43 minutes ago
  • Housing

    trendy urban central downtown apartment

    Nice apartment all renovated. 45 square meters living room/ kitchen (fully equipped), to be shared ; 2 double rroms; and two bathrooms;beds with 160*140 Heater in each room. Linen, towels suplied. cleaning and laundry upon request with an extra cost  Each room with...

    0 in Flats and apartments Porto, 44 minutes ago
  • Place


    4 years ago I was a competitive athlete that had a bright future in the industry, but everything changed when I got an injury that included getting surgery. After the surgery they brought me the bad news. I was unable to run at a competitive level, all the years of...

    0 by Geert in Qué hacer Geel, 47 minutes ago
  • Place

    Villa D'Este

    Tivoli is located just 30 km from the center of Rome , and by car it's a 20minute ride if there is no traffic on the road (but who am I kidding , if you have a car in Rome then you detest traffic because it makes you really angry) Anyway, it's a great opportunity for...

    0 by Paul in Qué ver Rome, 48 minutes ago
  • Place


    Are you looking for a new MacBook or iPad? Or do you want a new cover for your phone or just a new iPhone? You can go to Easy-M. It is a beautifull shop and they sell most of all the products of apple. Beside that you could also buy office equipment. They sell Giroflex....

    0 by Geert in Qué ver Herentals, 49 minutes ago
  • Place

    St. Peter's Basilica

    The St. Peter’s Basilica belongs to the Vatican and is one of the biggest churches in the world. Its impressive artwork and architecture attracts a massive flow of tourists each year. A highlight is, especially, the dome of the basilica. The size of the dome is so big...

    0 by Nicole in Qué ver Rome, 52 minutes ago
  • Place

    Spanish steps

    The Spanish steps belong to the most famous tourist attractions in Rome. Based on this, one will find really crowded stairs most of the time. The Spanish steps connect Piazza de Stagna with Piazza Trinità dei Mont, where one can also find a church. The steps and the...

    0 by Nicole in Qué ver Rome, 56 minutes ago
  • Place

    Happy Divers

    Do you dream about swimming in the sea? Then you have to contact Happy Divers. They will arrange a nice and safety trip in the sea. And If you don’t manage to go to the meeting place, they could arrange to pick you up and will bring you back home. Baby Beach is the...

    0 by Geert in Qué hacer Oranjestad, 57 minutes ago
  • Place

    Leonardo da vinci Museum Rome

    Right in the center of Rome close to a lot of shops is the Leonardo da Vinci museum located. It is a small museum completely dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci, his life, work, inventions and drawings. The entrance fee was rather small, which totally appropriate for the...

    0 by Nicole in Qué hacer Rome, 57 minutes ago
  • Roommate

    18 years old boy is looking for accommodation in clausthal

    I'm 18 years old from syria going to study in tu clausthal , love swimming , listening to music , going to the gym , friendly , outgoing , love pets don't have one :p love food I don't care if my roommate is messy or organized just friendly . Want a moderate room with...

    0 in Roommates Clausthal-Zellerfeld, 58 minutes ago
  • Place


    Chengs is a Chinese supermarket that is located in Aruba. You can buy whatever you want there. It is not that clean, but it is ok. They accept also credit cards, so you can pay not only with cash. Price/quality is it a good store because you can buy a lot of cheap stuff...

    0 by Geert in Qué ver Oranjestad, 58 minutes ago
  • Place

    Piazza Del Popolo

    This square is an extremely well-known,popular,hip place for someone to enjoy his coffee or and ice cream.There are 2 (phenomenically) identical churches in front of the square, and an obelisk with a fountain( decorated by 2 lions). The characteristic that diversifies...

    0 by Paul in Qué ver Rome, one hour ago
  • Forum

    Apartments from october till february

    Hello   have an apartment downtown to rent betwen nov and february, just nearby sta catarina / bolhao metro station.its a two double room apartment with 2 wc.if you are interested please get in touch to send you photos and prices. cheers paula

    by paula in Erasmus forum Porto, one hour ago
  • Place

    National Park

    The Arikok Park in Aruba is one of the nicest natural park. It is more then 30 km2big, and you can ride through it by car. During the drive you will see a lot of cactuses, Lagunas, a lot of colourful birds and lizards. Beside that it is possible to see the holenowl and...

    0 by Geert in Qué ver Oranjestad, one hour ago
  • New photos in Granada

    galería updated, one hour ago
  • Place

    Terme Di Caracalla

    This massive structure is just 2 stops away from the metro of Circo Massimo, using the bus.It's also a 7-8 minute walk from there if you prefer to see the area.In general, it's a place that is offered even for a visit on any weekday , since it's not located away from...

    0 by Paul in Qué ver Rome, one hour ago
  • Housing

    close to taksim square

    5 min. to bus and metro stops.7-8 min. to taksim square. a room sharing with me and my homemate. our 3. room(furnished) is for is free until May. i am 27 years old master student in marmara üniversity and working as a physiotherapist in a hospital. my homemate...

  • Place

    Coloseo, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Venezia, Vaticano, Piazza Navona, Bocca della Verita, Pantheon

    This greatly massive construction was the first pagan temple to be converted into a Christian temple, and that's the exact reason it has remained intact and is in such a good condition.The square in which this monument is located, is called Piazza Della Rotonda, named...

    0 by Paul in Qué ver Rome, one hour ago
  • Roommate

    Home in Üsküdar for female flatmates!:)

    Hello everybody, my name is Yağmur (female) and I am looking for a female flatmate for the empty room in my cute home. My home is full furnished and we have everything we need. (LCD Tv, Internet, the most comfortable coach in the world :))) By the way I am the student...

    0 in Roommates Istanbul, one hour ago
  • New photos in Gibraltar

    galería updated, 2 hours ago
  • Place

    Targu Mures

    Târgu Mureș- Romania Târgu Mureș is a small county situated in the centre of Romania. It is not the town where I was born, but it is the most beautiful town from our country. What I love about it, is that you never get bored in that city: we have the Zoo, an aquatic...

    0 by Patricia in Qué hacer Tirgu Mures, 2 hours ago
  • Place

    Baffetto Pizza

    When I was ERASMUS exchange student in Hungary, with one of my friend from high school who an ERASMUS student too in Poland; we decided to go Rome and we book ed our flights. Finally, we met in Chiampiono Airport. We were very happy to meet another place which in a...

    0 by Mehmet in Dónde comer Rome, 3 hours ago


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