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  • Experiencia

    A world itself

    The University of Madrid Carlos III is divided into three campus: getafe (social sciences and law), leganés (engineering) and colmenarejo (potpourri).Together with the Rey Juan Carlos University, is one of the newest universities of Madrid. It's reflected in its new...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus UC3M , hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    ¡De Erasmus en Touluse!

    Estuve en el ENSIACET de 2006 a 2007. ¡¡¡¡La experiencia fue buenísima!!!! En 2001 una industria química explotó y tuvieron que mudarse a un edificio antiguo. Entonces empezaron a construir una nueva universidad. Cuando yo estuve allí, estuve en la vieja...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus ENSIACET , hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    It isn't the best university if you don't want to study

    As in every place, the difficulty of the subjects depends on the teacher, but it's France, you'll have to study, not much, but to make an effort. I was helped by some teacher and some students to pass the subjects I had to. However, the administration was a chaos, the...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus UCP , hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    CT university life

    65, 3082, “CT university life”, enThe organization of the faculties is, at least in the majority of them, a disaster. Exams are always postponed, and the classrooms are always overcrowded (there are people in the corridor, or taking notes standing!). The lecturers...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus UNICT , hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    FIB (Barcelona School of Informatics)

    This is a prestigious university. They offer you a good studying programme; although, they don't give you any pass as a present. You have to work hard. They train you during this time in order to be more prepared in the future, when working.Facilities are good. There...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus UPC , hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    A hard to finish engineering

    Hello Erasmusus!!I want to tell you my experience as a computer engineer.The best thing that I can highlight about this university is the quality of the education, in particular about computer engineering. It is very good valued in the country by other universities and...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus UM , hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    Jaén, a great city for studying

    Despite the lack of information that you could have about Jaén (It was the same for me, as I've never come here before), I recommend you this city to spend a period of your university life. Although, it isn't Granada, nor Salamanca or Madrid, this city is really...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus UJAEN , hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    Graduate in ADE (Faculty of Economics and Enterprise)

    Hello! I can tell you my experience in the Economics and Enterprise Faculty.The facilities in this faculty were great; although, in my opinion, the whole campus of Espinardo is great. The best thing, without any doubt, is the studying room. The computers' rooms (ALAs)...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus UM , hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    One of the best of Italy

    As far as I know, the Engineering University of Ancona is one of the best of Italy (or just the best). That involves a higher level of demanding. However, it isn't a problem when you're an Erasmus student. The university isn't very far from the city (if you live in the...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus UNIVPM , hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    A too young university

    The university of Huelva is only 16 years old (in comparison with Seville, which is more than 500 year old!). Because of that, they make the effort to highlight other aspects. For example, they highlight the quality of its education, the facilities that, even not being...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus UHU , hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    First of all, a great campus

    I studied in the European University of Madrid between 98 and the year 2003. My experience was, more or less, good. Most of all, if you compare it with other postgraduates’ experiences that have taken place in other universities. The UEM campus is pretty good, and...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus UEM , hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    Useful things about Tor Vergata

    How to arrive:The university is a little bit far from the city centre, so the best way to arrive is to take the A underground line up to Anagnina. Then, once there, you can take a bus. Buses are upstairs, in the station. When you go out of the underground, go to the...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus UNIROMA2 , hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    City of Indies merchants

    The port of Saint Mary is a city of about 90.000 inhabitants. It is located in the south-east coast of the province of Cadiz. This city was a very important point in the discovery of America and the Indies route. The whole city centre was full with typical small palaces...

  • Experiencia

    Dublin rules!

    I've been in Dublin, but not as an Erasmus (I'd like it, though!). The people that go there as Erasmus are lucky :)Dublin is not a very big city, you can go walking almost everywhere. People are very kind, in the shops they talk to you... It's very good. When you go...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus Dublín, hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    Mancunian experience!

    I was an Erasmus student in Manchester in 2006-07. Parties: parties are adequate. There are many bars and discos for every kind of musical taste, but every bar and pub is closed at 2 am. However, parties can go on until 6 only in the big discos. On the other side, it's...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus Manchester, hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    Rome, la più bella città in Italia

    Rome is the capital of Italy. It's located in the centre of the Italic peninsulta, in the Lazio region. The river Tiber flows there. As everybody knows, Rome was the old capital of the Roman Empire, to which it owes part of its legacy. Well, after this brief...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus Roma, hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    Spring festivities (Bando de la Huerta and Entierro de la Sardina)

    In this piece of experience, I'm not going to talk about Murcia as a city, but about the Spring festivities, the “Bando de la Huerta” and the “Entierro de la Sardina” from my point of view. Spring festivities in MurciaSince I remember, the “Bando de la...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus Murcia, hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    My second house :D

    What can I say about this marvellous city? Well, I'm going to follow the previous aspects: - Par excellence, this is the city of party, haha!- The weather is pretty good, not taking into account the cold winters. White, the city is beautiful, though!- Prices are...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus Salamanca, hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    Erasmus Experience Duisburg-Essen

    Hello, first of all I want to tell you that the university is divided into two campus, that are located in two cities completely different from each other, Duisburg and Essen. It's a disadvantage because you are isolated from the students that study in the other city....

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus Duisburgo, hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    Small, but bully

    It said in Jaén that one comes here crying and leaves crying, and it's true. People don't know us much, and we are bad known. As a citizen of Jaén who loves her land, maybe it seems that I only praise the goodnesses of my land, but I'm aware of how little this city...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus Jaén, hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    A little town close to Paris to live in!

    Cergy is a town that is only 35 minutes away from Paris by RER (suburban train). At first sight it isn't quite impressive, but then you discover that it's an ideal place to live in. The university is only 3 minutes away from the RER stop. The halls of residences are...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus Cergy-Pontoise, hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    Experiencia en la USC (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela)

    Bueno, primero de todo tengo que decir que Santiago es una muy buena opción en lo que respecta a realizar un programa de intercambio, la gente es muy amable y hay muchos sitios a los que salir de fiesta. Además, las copas son relativamente baratas en comparación con...

  • Experiencia

    El paraiso Ohrid

    Tuve la suerte de participar en un programa universitario de verano durante tres semanas en esta increíble ciudad, junto al grandioso lago Ohrid, porque por casualidad empecé a estudiar una lengua que hablan solo 2 millones de personas y me he acabado enamorando de...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus Ohrid, hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    ¡A Cambridge hay que ir al menos una vez en la vida!

    Durante el verano de 2007 pasé un mes en Cambridge haciendo un curso de tres semanas en las “EC Cambridge Schools” para mejorar mi nivel de inglés. Cuando llegué a la ciudad, lo único que sabía era que estaba en un lugar que no se parecía a ninguno de los que...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus Cambridge, hace 11 años
  • Experiencia

    New York, from the 2nd to the 9th of March 2009

    After being only for a week in this city, the truth is that, once I've come back home, I'm already missing it. It's just incredible. In every corner, at every step, there is always something new to see. Since the first moment, you are amazed by this city, because...

    0 por Rocío en Experiencias Erasmus Nueva York, hace 11 años

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