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Jaén, a great city for studying

Despite the lack of information that you could have about Jaén (It was the same for me, as I've never come here before), I recommend you this city to spend a period of your university life. Although, it isn't Granada, nor Salamanca or Madrid, this city is really welcoming. Going to “tapear” is here short of a religion (everybody puts on weight). Every time you consume (ask for a drink), they give you something to eat for free. There aren't many places to choose when you want to go out, but there is always a place to have party. On Thursday afternoon, “catas” begin. They are parties organized by the faculties in pubs or discos. The most important party takes place in spring; it is celebrated the Thursday that comes before Easter. 15000 people come every year to this party, so there is nothing to envy from other cities. The fair is also recommendable. It starts at the beginning of the year, and it's pretty good. With respect to the university, it's very modern; it was built not many years ago. The oldest buildings were built at the beginning of the 90's. The facilities are awesome. There is everything and more and more there are more degrees to choose. The only disadvantage that the city has is the famous slopes. No matter where you go, you'll find thousand of them, but... it's not so bad to climb from time to time. As the saying, that we the Jaén's foreign students usually say, “you go to Jaén crying, and you'll leave crying too”. Bye.

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