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The organization of the faculties is, at least in the majority of them, a disaster. Exams are always postponed, and the classrooms are always overcrowded (there are people in the corridor, or taking notes standing!). The lecturers aren't in their offices at the tutorship's time, and the old buildings aren’t good equipped.

At Economics there aren't problems to pass, you only have to find the most understanding with Erasmus teacher, but you'll have to study a at least little bit, although it isn't the same as in Spain. If you study Law, on the contrary, it's very difficult. They don't help Erasmus students. Pharmacy is more or less like Economics, if you are lucky and study a little, you'll pass. In Architecture, you'll also have to work a lot and you'll have to go to the lessons. It's similar to Computing.

I don't know the rest of the degrees, so I can't say anything else. There is an international house for students, in which you have Wi-Fi for free. It's near the Duomo square. There are also studying rooms.

If you want to have lunch or dinner, the best place is the “Mensa”. It's in the “Vía Oberdan”. There are many people, good environment and good food. The price for Erasmus students is 1,50 (year 07/08). They give you first course (pasta or rice), second course (meat, fish...), some salad, a drink (you can choose what you prefer), bread, and either fruit or yogurt. You can have a pizza too (there are four different kinds among which you can choose). While the pizza is ready, you can have a dish with chips and a drink. The place is very good for eating, the environment, you'll meet people, and you can plan there...

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