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flag-it Erasmus Università di Catania

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Activity in UNICT

  • Blog

    First Day in Europe

    Let's start with first day in Europe it comes to ear so exciting I know because it was. It was the beggining for new life.You will learn new language,you will meet new people all around the Europe and this is the point; you will get new perspective to look life. My...

    0 by Ahmet Hakan in Erasmus blog UNICT, 3 years ago
  • Experience

    CT university life

    65, 3082, “CT university life”, enThe organization of the faculties is, at least in the majority of them, a disaster. Exams are always postponed, and the classrooms are always overcrowded (there are people in the corridor, or taking notes standing!). The lecturers...

    0 by Rocío in Erasmus experiences UNICT , 12 years ago
  • New photos in University of Catania

    gallery updated, 14 years ago

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