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Useful things about Tor Vergata

How to arrive:

The university is a little bit far from the city centre, so the best way to arrive is to take the A underground line up to Anagnina. Then, once there, you can take a bus. Buses are upstairs, in the station. When you go out of the underground, go to the left and then upstairs (when you are upstairs everything is connected). If you want to go to the economics, arts or engineering faculties, take the 20 Express bus.

The monthly transport payment for students costs less than 20 Euros and you can buy it in a tobacconist's.

Studying programmes:

In Italy, students first of all do a “laurea”. It takes 3 years. Then, they do the speciality, which takes 2 years. Erasmus students can choose between general or specialized subjects. Generally, the periods of four months are divided into two parts, so you can have different subjects in the first and in the second.


Without any doubt, the best things of the Italian system are the “apelli”. These are the different dates that exist for every exam. It means that, for example, in February you have 3 different dates to do the same exam. The good thing is that the Erasmus can take these three opportunities in the same period of time. You can choose a subject, and if you fail, nothing happens! You have another opportunity next week. It’s also very good because it allows you to distribute better the dates of your exams.


It’s the place where university students eat. You have to go to the stop that is next to the Economics faculty and there you can get your card. Then you have to get some tickets for eating. How does it work? You pay 1.96€ -I think- and you can eat in the Mensa (university). If you want to eat in the Mensa that is next to the rector’s office (Law faculty), you don’t need any ticket. You only need your card. However, if you want to eat near Economics or Engineering (or Journalism), it’s located in the same place where you get you card. It is also valid for some fast-food restaurants, but I never went there because they were far away.


I’d recommend you to get an apartment near the A underground line, and not in the Tor Vergata area. The hall of residence is something I wouldn’t recommend you either. It isn’t very good connected with the university. I mean, geographically it’s pretty near, but you have to take two buses, and one of them is really slow. Moreover, if you want to take it at night, it’s a drag.

Right now I can’t think of anything else that can be useful for you. If you have any doubt, write me a message, I’ll answer gladly.

Good luck and enjoy as much as possible!

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