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Mancunian experience!

I was an Erasmus student in Manchester in 2006-07. Parties: parties are adequate. There are many bars and discos for every kind of musical taste, but every bar and pub is closed at 2 am. However, parties can go on until 6 only in the big discos. On the other side, it's forbidden to drink in the street, but the weather isn't good, so it's not so important. You can drink a lot at home or in you dormitory.

Weather: The weather is oceanic, so it isn't too cold, although it rains a lot. In Spring, Manchester is a really nice city to spend time in the open air. Parks are green and flowery and so do gardens. It's very different in comparison with the ochre southern Spanish cities.

Prices: The recent pound depreciation, unlike the euro, is better for the purchasing power of the eurozone citizens in the perfidy Albion. Nonetheless, the cost of living is more expensive than in Spain.

Studying: This opinion depends on the faculty you go to. Generally I think that the level is not so high as in Spain, but you have to work more everyday, so you don't have to study so much for your exams. That's much better for those people who loves investigating. On the contrary, those who -like me- are used to procrastinate will have to chage habits.

To sum up, Manchester is a very cosmopolitan city where you can spend a year of your life.

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