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Manchester, another world

I did my Erasmus programme in Manchester (UK) during the academic year 2006-2007 and I have to say that it was the laziest year of my life. Manchester is basically a university city where you can always find some bar to take a good pint. The weather is usually rainy, but it is not so cold; at last, you get used to the rain. University students can decide to live in students residences near their faculty and in the centre of the city or they can decide to go far from the centre and live in outlying districts such as Rusholme or Fallowfield, where you will live in small flats with five or more people. I personally stayed in one of the residences in the centre and it is not so expensive. It is better than living in a flat so far from the centre. With regard to the prices, it is important to say that life is quite expensive, in many cases, more expensive than in Spain. However, nowadays the value of the pound is quite similar to the value of the euro; that is the reason why life is more affordable in England today. To pay accommodation and food you will need at least about €600 per month; with that money you will be able to buy something else and, in conclusion, to enjoy your stay in Manchester. I met wonderful and strange people. The city left a good taste in my mouth and nowadays I think that I could have made the most of it.

I recommend 100% the Manchester experience.

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