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Rome, la più bella città in Italia

Rome is the capital of Italy. It's located in the centre of the Italic peninsulta, in the Lazio region. The river Tiber flows there. As everybody knows, Rome was the old capital of the Roman Empire, to which it owes part of its legacy. Well, after this brief introduction, What can be said about Rome? For me, Rome is especial. I have visited other cities with good reputation in Italy: Florence, Pisa and Venecia, among others. However, despite they are all charming, any of them is so attractive and delightful as Rome.

I went to Rome in 2005, already four years ago. I was there only 2 or 3 days, but I loved it. For example, the weather in this city can't be better. Italy is more or less in the same latitudes as Spain, so the weather is similar. Moreover, Rome is nearer the sea, so the weather is softer. In relation to the prices, Italy is expensive, generally speaking, even more if we compare it with Spain or Portugal. Cigarettes are more expensive, so does food, and clothes depend on where you buy them and the kind of clothes, etc.

Talking about its architectural beauty, it's -without any doubt- the strong point of this city. Rome has a very big number of monuments, which are worldwide famous. Among them, we have to mention: the Flavian Amphitheatre or Coliseum (name that identifies it all over the world; “Colosseo” in Italian), that's one of the most emblematic monuments of the Roman Empire, where the gladiators' fights took place. There were even naval shows; the seating capacity was 50.000 people. Another important monument is the Phanteon. It's a Roman temple with a huge vault that has a lock in the centre through which the sun comes. This building was dedicated to all the Deities of the Empire.

There are more emblematic places, for example the “Castelo de Sant' Angelo”, la “Piazza di Spagna” or the famous “Fontana di Trebi”, a beautiful fountain to which everybody throws three coins. It means that someday you'll come back to Rome (I didn't do it because I didn't know about it! haha).

Futhermore, although the city or the country is independent, it's the smallest state of the world, and it's inside Rome, I'm talking about the Vatican City. It's the Holy See of the Catholic church, and there is where the Pope lives. The most interesting thing are the Vatican museums, where there are many sculptures and pieces of art, wets, etc. You have to see it! I highlight the Sistine Chapel. As I like architecture, I liked the St. Peter's Basilica and the St. Peter's square (Pzza di San Pietro en Italian) more than the museums themselves. You can also contemplate the splendour fo Rome from the top of the Basilica. You can go there and take beautiful pictures.

Well, and parties.. In two days I didn't have time to go out at night, so we had party in the hotel because it was far from the centre. However, I know that parties are good and that there are some very interesting clubs to go out at night. I don't know neither anything about transport because we had a private bus. The culture and the customs are the Mediterranean ones. Italian people are opened and friendly, but don't make them anger; they are pretty similar to the Spaniards and they get anger easily, but normally the are good people. The language is also beautiful, you enjoy when you listen to it, and the food... mmm pasta, pasta and more pasta haha. Well, it isn't exactly like that, there's a big variety of pastas that are very good, pizzas, lasagna, etc.

Take it as a piece of advice, go to Italy, specially in Spring. I went in May, and it's a good month to go there. I encourage you. So avanti e bona fortuna! Ciao!

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