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Hellooo! I'm going to talk to you about Rome. It's interesting for those Erasmus that are going there next year. If they read me, they'd have an idea of what they're going to find there. I've been in Rome 4 times and in periods of 15 to 20 days, so I can say that I know the city.

Rome is the best destination for those who love history and art. Walking across the city can become an incredible discovery. The cultural charming of this city stands out the most. Appart from what we all know, when you are there, you find many other beautiful things that are also worth it. You feel back in time when you see the old city under the floor you're treading on.

On the other side, the worst thing of Rome are the prices and the chaos of every big city, but in Rome it's 3 times more. Generally, everything is pretty expensive. I mean eating in a restaurant, going to parties (discos cost 10€ minimun and boys have to pay 15€), renting a house, etc, etc. Traffic is also a problem, and the lack of control of the people crossing the street. It's overwhelming. It takes you at least 20m. to go everywhere if you want to go anywhere. Going by car or using public transports is a nighmare.

The language is easy to learn. It's very similar to Spanish, so you won't have any problem. People are also similar to us, and normally they're kind with Spaniards, haha! We can say that are country goes down well with them.

Italian food is really, really good. Your cholesterol will increase, but it's delicious and you'll eat a lot!! haha! And, well, finally I have to say that here there is manyyyyy partiiies and many kinds of different discos. You'll find salsa discos with Spanish music too, glamurous discos, and others similar to the Spanish ones. Take into account that you'll have to pay twice: first at the door, and then drinking is expensive.

I hope that this information will be useful for you. Best regards!

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