Erasmus Experience Duisburg-Essen

Hello, first of all I want to tell you that the university is divided into two campus, that are located in two cities completely different from each other, Duisburg and Essen. It's a disadvantage because you are isolated from the students that study in the other city. You, as an engineering student, are going to study in the campus of the city of Duisburg. The city is very ugly. Located in the industrial heart of Germany, it was bombarded and 95% destroyed during the Second World War, so there isn't almost any old building. It isn't an university city, that's why there aren't neither many young people, nor a great atmosphere. When we wanted to go out, we used to go to Düsseldorf, that is very near. The best thing about this university is that it has an international engineering programme, and the most important is that it's in English. You have a wide list of subjects, that allows you to study in Germany of course in German, but also in English. When I went there, I didn't know German, but that wasn't a problem. With your student card you can use the public transport, that is really efficient in Germany. There aren't many Erasmus. We were sort of 60 at the beginning: 40 in Essen and 20 in Duisburg.

The city was a little bit sad, but the best thing was having a very good group of friends from every country. That's the most important thing! We were 5 or 6 Spaniards. There weren't many Spanish people, and that's good because it forces you to be with foreign people and to speak and learn German and, mainly, English. That's another advanatage of this destination, you learn 2 languages in this country. If you are lucky, you can also speak Italian with the Italian people and learn also a little. Although the city is ugly, it's very good located if you want to travel. You're 30m. away from Holland and Belgium, 2h. from Amsterdam, and near Düsseldorf and Cologne (that has an incredible Carnival). The city is also surronded by airports, that have very good connections with Europe, like Dortmund and Düsseldorf. That's great if you want to travel! I've been in 15 different countries this year. Take into account that there isn't any attendance list, so you can get away every weekend, including Fridays and Mondays. The university is easier than in the UGR (University of Granada). I think that, generally, in Germany it's easiar, and Erasmus is always Erasmus, and you normally find facilities.

In addition, the zone of Germany about which we are speaking is more or less cheap. For example, my house cost 182€/month.

If you are in Spain, you can go there from Málaga to Dortmund with easyjet, or to Düsseldorf with ryanair. This last option I've mention is far away, and you have to take a bus. There are also airberlin flights that go to Düsseldorf (international), that is 12m. away from Duisburg by train. It's a very good option to send clothes in a box at the beginning and at the end. DHL from Germany is very cheap. Once you are settled, the best way to furnish your room is going to Ikea. Another piece of advice, if you want to travel around there, use this web page:

In conclusion, maybe as a destionation there are better cities than Duisburg. However, if you want to study English and German, have economic facilities and also travel facitilities ,it's a good destination. Remember that it's important to have a good group of friends, if not, it could be boring.

I hope that this information can help you. Enjoy you stay and don't forget that there is only one Erasmus. Don't lose your time studying.

Good luck.

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