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Dublin rules!

I've been in Dublin, but not as an Erasmus (I'd like it, though!). The people that go there as Erasmus are lucky :)

Dublin is not a very big city, you can go walking almost everywhere. People are very kind, in the shops they talk to you... It's very good. When you go shopping, go to tesco. The city centre is full of 24 hours shops, in which everything is expensive and there is nothing. The lifelong tesco is the best!

The food... well, what can I say! I lost a lot of weight! hahaha.. Well, there are a lot of Chinise and Italian restaurants, but for me the best were the fish and chips ones, even more when I was starving :P Beers can also feed you, but they are expensive.

If you don't have any place to stay when arriving there, there is an accommodation that belongs to Hostel International. It's a little bit more expensive than other accommodations, althogh the prices depend on the room. The truth is that you'll be really good there: it's clean, breakfasts are included, you can cook... And if you don't like this option, there are many bed and breakfasts and accomodations in the city centre.

When you have been there for while, you learn two things: you always have to cross the street when the traffic lights are red and don't take an umbrella if it rains. You have to do what you see in the place you go to, only like that you'll become a real Dubliner!

What can you vistit? You have to walk and investigate, that's the best! :) Dublin is special! Have a good time!


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