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A world itself

The University of Madrid Carlos III is divided into three campus: getafe (social sciences and law), leganés (engineering) and colmenarejo (potpourri).

Together with the Rey Juan Carlos University, is one of the newest universities of Madrid. It's reflected in its new facilities and technical equipment. It's considered one of the strictest ones of Spain, but -in exchange- the students graduated there are exceptionally recognized.

Advantages and disadvantages of the University Carlos III:

+ Classrooms are small and lecturers leave their notes in the Internet. You can register yourself online.
+ Every year there are many grant notices that allow you to work in the university with a flexible time.
+ Many Erasmus grants offer.
+ Many computer rooms and many resources for the students.
+ Millions of cultural and sport activities.

- The campus isn't very vivid.
- It's required a higher level than in other universities.
- Erasmus that come to this university have to go through the same exams as the Spanish students.
- They are very strict when validating subjects to those students that go abroad.

+/-: Everything is under control. On the one side it's good, but they don't cede when it has to do with bureaucracy.

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