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Sightseeing in Thessaloniki

Translated by Piet van Zeijl — one year ago

Original text by Jasmijn Giohalas

Aristotle Square

Your city trip starts at Aristotle Square, which can be compared to the 'Dam' in Amsterdam or New York's Time Square. Aristotle Aquare was designed by Ernest Hébrard after one year earlier the city had been destroyed by a fire. Nowadays, Aristotle Square is being used for cultural events, festivals and carnaval. In the Streets around it one will find terraces, bars, restaurants and shops. On both sides of the Square stand two important buildings: one is the best five-star hotel of the city, the Electra Palaca Hotel, the other houses the Olympic Theatre and cinema. In the latter the yearly Thessaloniki International Film Festival is held.

Sightseeing in Thessaloniki


Ano Poli

Neighbourhood Ano Poli is one of the oldest and most tradional parts of Thessaloniki and is also nicknamed as 'Upper Town' because of it's location compared to the rest of the city. Ano Poli is one of the few parts of Thessaloniki that had not been destroyed by the devastating fire of 1917. The ramshackle streets, old squares and city walls are build by by Greek and Ottoman architects of that time. As Ano Poli is situated relatively high, visitors have a magnificent view on the city and the near sea. Ano Poli is a must see on your trip to Thessaloniki!

Sightseeing in Thessaloniki

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