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Coffee and cake are two good friends!

Published by flag-gr Elisavet Kot — 5 years ago



When you are in Thessaloniki, for sure you will find yourself walking around one of the big streets of the city, called Tsimiski. So, when you will be tired from walking, find the number 97 and enter the building. Firstly, you will think that there's nothing special there, but go up the stairs and on the first floor, you will see a glass door that leads you to the cafeteria named 'Prwto Patwma', which in greek is translated as 'First Floor'.

The interior design of the cafeteria will leave you speechless! Vintage sofas and couches together with vintage paintings and cups, are the concept of this neoclassical cafeteria. You will feel like you are back in time.



So, find a place to sit and decide what you want to drink (if you are a smoker, there is a balcony where you can drink your coffee and smoke).


The view of the balcony.


When the waiter comes with your order, don't be surprised by the big piece of cake that he will leave on your table. This cafeteria offers a big piece of chocolate cake to every customer, for free. And the important thing: it is delicious!


The delicious chocolate cake!


Enjoy your coffee and Bon appétit!

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