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The answer of this ball is always yes!

Published by Elisavet Kot — 5 years ago

  • Do you like disco parties?
  • Or maybe metal nights with alternative bands from all over the world?
  • Do you enjoy trash music?
  • Do you like meeting and getting around with all kind of people?

If you have at least one yes as an answer, then 8 ball will definitely be the right party place for your weekends (and not only! )

Located in Ladadika district, in the center of the city and one of the most beautiful and old regions, club 8ball has been entertaining the Greek music audience for the last years. It started as a live stage for metal and hard rock concerts and it became more popular to the general audience with the -legendary now- disco parties every Friday night! For a ticket of 5 euros (including beer), you can turn back in time and listen and of course most important dance all kind of 80's and 90's music. You can find there all kind of people, from metal and punk people, to people with suits and nice dresses who want to enjoy the atmosphere of this place. No one will judge you for the way you are dressed or for the way you dance! You can meet new people every five minutes because everyone is talking to everyone, or of course you can choose and stay with your company.

Except Friday disco party and metal lives, 8 ball also gives the opportunity for new bands and singers of the alternative stage to make a live concert and show their skills to the audience.

Finally, the last couple of years, when Erasmus programme became more well-known in Greece, every Wednesday there was the typical Erasmus party of Thessaloniki, about which I can't give you my opinion... Just give it a try and I'm pretty sure it will become your Wednesday night partying point!

P. S 1: There is a free wardrobe between the groundfloor and the first floor to leave your jackets, because the place gets crowded after 2 am.

P. S 2: The club consists of two floors, so you should always check what is going on in both of them, because once you pay the entrance, you usually have access to both of them!




The outside look of 8ball



Erasmus party poster! Happy Wednesday!



Trick or treat? Halloween!



Metal lovers


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