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Sweets everywhere!

Published by flag-gr Elisavet Kot — 6 years ago

Is there a cafe bar with delicious coffee, tasty hot/cold chocolate, and amazing cocktails combined with a lot of free sweets?

The answer is: yes, it exists!

In the center of the city, close to the church of "Agia Sofia" you will see a pedestrianized street. Walk on the right side of the street and after a few minutes you will find another pedestrian street named "Agias Theodoras". When you see some cute tables and colorful chairs, it means you found it!

Inside, the place looks like it is made of candies and could be a part of a fairytale. Everything is colorful and if you are feeling blue, it will surely cheer you up. The prices of the place are affordable, the atmosphere is friendly and the stuff is very kind, so you can ask their opinion about what to drink.

I suggest you try a chocolate, hot or cold it doesn't matter. The point is that they have some many different tastes that it will take you a lot of time to decide which one you want, but all of them are delicious.

Along with your order, the waiters bring you cookies, pieces of cakes and marshmallows for free. So if you are hungry, you will surely feel full with all these sweets!

If you decide to go there in the afternoon, I would suggest you try one of the cocktails, the list is also endless, but you will find the one that suits you, with the price of only 5 euros.


Colors everywhere!





Sweets everywhere...




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