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Coffee, snacks, sweets and party. What else someone needs?

Published by flag-gr Elisavet Kot — 5 years ago

The best thing when you visit a new city, is to meet local people and hang out in places that few people know.

One of these places, is the cafe/bar "Melee Cafe". To get there, you can take from the center (Kamara) buses 2, 31 or 45 and get down at station Martiou.

Walk down Martiou street and when you see on your right hand a street called Makedonias, turn there and in the corner, you will see the cafe. To be sure that you are at the right place, you should see also a park in front of you.

Find a place to sit and decide what you want to drink. There are plenty of delicious options: All kind of coffees, hot and cold chocolate, ice teas (you will adore the glasses inside which they are served), fresh orange or lemon juice and all the beverages that a cafeteria can provide. The prices are more than affordable: You can drink a big cup of cappuccino or chocolate for only 2. 50 euros and the traditional Greek coffee frappe costs just 2 euros.



Yummy cappuccino!

All these are of course served along with delicious cookies and cold water. If you want to drink something with alcohol, I suggest you try one of the cocktails. They are delicious and from 4 to 6 pm there is the happy hour (s), with only 5 euros. If you are a beer lover, you can drink half a litre of draft beer (and free chips! ) for only 3 euros. Whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila and wine are also a good choice to drink! Also, if you want to try a traditional Greek drink, you should try tsipouro. It is not a light drink, but you will enjoy it.

Except from drinks, there are also tasty snacks and fresh salads to eat. In my opinion, caesar's salad is amazing and also very cheap for the size and the quality (only 3. 50 euros). The sandwiches are totally fresh and big, so it is more like a whole dinner than just a snack. Club sandwich is also something that you should taste; It costs only 3. 50 euros and it is served along with french fries.

If you are more a "sweet" lover, try a piece of chocolate or orange cake and it will leave you speechless! Also, in the summer you can eat ice-cream (there are a lot of flavours to decide) to forget the high temperatures of the city!



Chocolate cakes...

The place also has very often different kind of events: From carnival and Halloween parties, to birthday parties, barbecues and nights of traditional Greek music. On these events you will have so much fun and you will be able to meet the local young people who live around there and attend them.

Also if you are a sports fan, you will find big screens that play all the important football matches, so you can go for a beer and also watch the match. But remember to go a little bit earlier to find a seat, because football nights are always "sold out".


Football lovers!



It is a very cozy place, with a friendly atmosphere and more friendly stuff (it is a family business, so they will make you feel like a part of the family). I guarantee that if you visit it once, you will sure come again and become "part of the family".

The best places are the hidden ones!



Melee cafe logo!

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