Coffee with just 1 euro!

Published by Elisavet Kot — 5 years ago

Would you like to try a big glass of traditional greek coffee frappe with just 1 euro?

Or maybe drink the traditional cheap white wine Retsina?

Then, you should stop by the cafe/bar Doma. It is located in the heart of the city, just 5 minutes from the campus of Aristoteleio University, in the area of Rotonda. Actually there are two bunches of cafè places in the same area, across each other. In my opinion, the first one is big and more spacious, and the second one is smaller but cozier.

It is open from early in the morning, so that students can go there for a coffee after or between their lectures. The offer of 1 euro starts at 10 am and lasts until 5 pm, so you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy more than one coffee!

I would also suggest to go in a big group and if you like board games, play a round of Trivial or Taboo. The disadvantage is that the game is in Greek, so you will need a local friend with you, or you can invite another group to join you and play all together! If you want something a little bit faster, you can play chess, backgammon or cards!

If you are not a big coffee fan, you can also go there in the evening /night for drinking!

Taste the traditional cheap greek white wine called Retsina (half a litre) along with coca cola, with just 4 euros. It is a very good offer, and the best thing is that with every order they bring you some fingerfood to eat, so if you are in the mood of drinking a lot, you will also be full of food until the end of the night!

The decoration of the place is not someting special or exciting, but the prices, the atmosphere and the fact that it is a place full of students and young people, will make you love it!

So, see you there!


The big Doma.

Photo taken from: ΜΙΚΡΟ ΔΩΜΑ


Muffins or cookies together with your coffee!

Photo taken from: ΜΙΚΡΟ ΔΩΜΑ


Enjoy your Retsina with a lot of fingerfood!

Photo taken from: ΜΙΚΡΟ ΔΩΜΑ


The small Doma.

Photo taken from: ΜΙΚΡΟ ΔΩΜΑ

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