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The festival of colors has its origins from India and its original name is Holi Festival and it is part of their religion. However, the last years it has been spread all over the world, and a lot of countries, including Greece decided to celebrate a day of the year as "The day of colors" without the religious aspect of the original festival.

In the city of Thessaloniki, this tradition started in 2012. Due to its success, now it is held every year, in September (usually the first or second Sunday of the month). So, if you will be in the city for that period, it will be a good idea to join the festival for a different experience. It doesn't have an entrance fee, you can buy some bags filled with color (pink, blue, purple, yellow, orange).

To get there, you can get some buses no 5 (get down at the station "Gipedo Apollona") or no 6 ( station "Palio Kivernio") and you will see a lot of people going, so just follow them and in ten minutes you will get there.

The festival starts from 12 or 1 in the afternoon until the evening. There are plenty of shows and concerts to enjoy during your staying there! There isn't really an age group, so you will see families with young children as well as elderly people!

Don't forget to take your camera, you will regret not taking any photos. However, if you have a professional camera, you should cover it with a plastic bag so the colors don't get inside the camera. The colors that are being thrown are environmental friendly, so it is not dangerous if they get into your eyes or mouth.

When you get there, you should go and buy some bags with colors ( each one costs 2 euros but they are quite big ), because after some point they will be sold out! Walk around the camp and take some photos with the other people covered in colors. The real party starts around 5 pm, when all the people gather to the main stage of the event. After a countdown, they throw simultaneously the colors in the air.

For the next few minutes, everything is covered in big cloud of colors! It is amazing, so take as many photos as possible! At one point you, will hear a guy talking on the microphone and calling for a second round, so run to find some space in the crowd! When the second throwing is over, the festival is slowly coming to an end. But you can find some pubs to drink some beers!

PS: Wear light - colored clothes ( white would be the best )in this way the colors will stay longer.Don't worry about your clothes, once you take them to the laundry, they will be like new.

PS 2 : You don't have to go straight away in the shower after the event! Have a stroll around the city, you will see a lot of people out and about just like you.


The bags with the colors.

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