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  • Paralia Katerinis

    Hello all! The following post is going to give a little overview about Greece, and its beautiful summer-resort, Paralia Katerini. I’ve already been at Paralia two times in my life during my high-school years. Once we planned a class-trip there, and after its success,...

    0 by Dóra, 4 years ago
  • Day of colors

    Amazing colors. Photo taken from: The festival of colors has its origins from India and its original name is Holi Festival and it is part of their religion. However, the last years it has been spread all over the world, and a lot of countries,...

    0 by Elisavet, 5 years ago
  • Public reading hall of Aristoteleio University

    Enjoy the sun while taking a break outside Source The outside view Source A small part of the inside space Source People outside the entrance having a short break Source Are you an Erasmus student in Thessaloniki? Are the exams on their way? Are you bored...

    0 by Elisavet, 5 years ago
  • Upper Town (Castles )

    Sunny view of the city Source The city of Thessaloniki is located in the north part of Greece, close to the three peninsulas of Halkidiki. Even though it is not as famous as Athens or the islands, it considers to be one of the most beautiful and "energetic" cities of...

    0 by Elisavet, 5 years ago

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