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Upper Town (Castles )

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A live panoramic view of Thessaloniki

Published by flag-gr Elisavet Kot — 5 years ago

A live panoramic view of Thessaloniki

Sunny view of the city


The city of Thessaloniki is located in the north part of Greece, close to the three peninsulas of Halkidiki. Even though it is not as famous as Athens or the islands, it considers to be one of the most beautiful and "energetic" cities of Greece.

So, if you decide to visit this city, one of the most important places to visit and walk around, is the upper side of the city ( which is also the old part ) which is called "Eptapyrgio". The translation of the name is "Seven Towers" and its history starts from the Byzantine and Ottoman period when it was used as a fortress. The latest use of the place was as a prison (from 1890's to 1989).



Nowadays, it serves as tourist and local attraction c. The whole upper part of the city is amazing and worth to visit, because it is totally different from the other "more modern" parts. The streets are narrow and rocky, houses are small and you can easily believe that you are in a village. It is a quiet neighbourhood, and as you walk to get to the higher point, you will find a lot of small taverns ( local restaurants) to drink a glass of traditional ouzo or tsipouro and combine it with some fingerfood called "mezes", which can be meat or fish.

When you reach the highest point of the upper town, you will see the castle of "Pirovoleio" (shooting spot), where you will have a panoramic view of the whole city and the "Thermaikos" gulf and the port.

The weather is usually sunny and warm, so the best time in the day to visit it is the sunset, when the sky gets orange and pink and if you combine it with the view of the sea, you will be stunned.


View of the sunset

"Pirovoleio" spot, is a common meeting point for lots of young people to hang out and drink beers. So, don't forget to bring some beverage with you, and just sit down, relax and enjoy the sunset, which is combined a lot of times with sounds of guitars from groups of friends who are there and play music. Don't be shy and go to meet them. They will probably know English and will be more than welcome to meet you and have fun all together, until it gets dark, or even until the sunrise!

Groups of people hanging at "Pirovoleio"


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