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  • Sights

    Aristotle Square Your city trip starts at Aristotle Square, which can be compared to the 'Dam' in Amsterdam or New York's Time Square. Aristotle Aquare was designed by Ernest Hébrard after one year earlier the city had been destroyed by a fire. Nowadays, Aristotle...

    0 by Piet, 3 years ago
  • Byzantine walls

    Byzantine walls Thessaloniki has a century-old history which hides in the walls. The Western walls have a total length of 8km, leading past the remains of the Greek and Roman times. Your adventure starts at Dimokratias Plateia; a square which once was the main entrance...

    0 by lisanne, 6 years ago
  • The neighborhood of Rotonda

    Rotonda is the most popular place for students and young people in Thessaloniki. This alternative place for local young people is located near Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki and the famous monument of Kamara (arch of Galerius). Kamara (The arch of Galerius) and...

    0 by Elisavet, 7 years ago
  • Thessaloniki

    "Before becoming the name of a city, Thessaloniki was a woman. And that, in a few words, is its story. The father of Alexander the Great, the King of Macedon, Philip II, married seven princesses, one from every kingdom he conquered. When he gained control of Pherae...

    0 by Athina, 11 years ago

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