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Gluten free in Coimbra

Translated by Shavana Peynado — 2 months ago

Original text by Chiara M.

Inside the Coimbra Shopping, There is a large shopping centre in Coimbra, on the second floor, there is a restaurant specializing in vegan cuisine, gluten free and lactose free.

This restaurant offers three types of menus: vegan, gluten free (also lactose free) and an normal menu; however, the possibility of cross-contamination is to be excluded, given the options of two different kitchens and the extreme sensitivity, professionalism and attention to detail of the cook.

I have had the pleasure of eating twice in this place, always remaining extremely satisfied.

The first time, determined to taste something typical, I decided to order a Francesinha, a typical Portuguese dish.

As you can see from the photo, the portion was quite generous.

Gluten free in Coimbra

The second time, given the nostalgia I had for my home country, decide to order a margherita pizza gluten-free and lactose-free, with vegetable cheese; the result was particularly to satisfactory.

They also have a delivery service; in fact, through the BringEat app, one evening I ordered a marinara pizza; the delivery times are a bit long, but nothing negative to say about the pizza, it was really good.

Also, it is also possible to order and buy excellent fresh bread rolls. They produce two types of bread: white and wholemeal for the price per kg of 4.50 euros.

Several times, during my stay, I ordered fresh bread. It was tasty and fragrant, the bread remains very soft for almost a week. You can order it via instagram or via SMS and they will tell you when to pick it up; it is usually ready the next day.

I personally met the cook, an extremely kind and reliable person. Often, when I went to get the bread that I ordered, he even made me taste it first, to see if I was pleased.

Going back to the contamination issue, I am both celiac and lactose intolerant and I have never encountered any problems after eating here.

Therefore, I absolutely would recommend it!

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