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Only after 3am

Translated by Hannah Mactear — 3 years ago

Original text by Beatriz Alexandre

The place that I'm going to talk to you about today is a nightclub in the heart of our student city - Coimbra, in Portugal. For those who aren't familiar with the D day nights out in Coimbra, they're called "Academic Thursdays" and it's also the day where all nightclubs are crowded, including the nightclub which I'm going to talk to you about.


As a student, and for the two years in which I studied in Coimbra, I can't count the number of times that I found myself in this "place of nocturnal amusement". And I can even say the same about many other people. This club recently changed name, it used to be called 'Teatrix', had some modifications in terms of its space and structure.


Getting in on a Thrusday is easy, you just have to get to the most iconic square in Coimbra - Praça da Republica - and go down one road. The nightclub is on Avenida Sá da Bandeira. You'll definitely see an enormous queue, it will probably be for Twitt. However, if you need help, the big and shining letters at its entrance will help you.

The atmosphere

Well, the atmosphere, the atmosphere is all you can hope for from a big commercial nightclub. All the music is recent, even the most commercial kizomba hits and brazilian hits are played in the club, irrespective of the DJ there on the night. At least after 3am. This is the time where the nightclub is crowded and when the majority of people reach their peak of their drunkenness. Coincidence? I don't think so. But I don't mean to be funny.

The nightclub closes (supposedly) at six, but on some long nights I've been there until 7:30am (don't tell my parents)


As for service, there's lots to tell you, the large majority of barmaids are hand-picked, but not for their kindness. I think that part varies depending on who you get. However, for the space they have and for the number of clients and party animals that the place accommodates, the number of bars (three) was well thought out and I think it works well with the structure of the nightclub. The prices are as to be expected for a club in Coimbra (vodka €5, shots €2, etc).


  • The space inside is really big. It has a giant room which is used as the main dance floor. There's also a VIP zone behind the DJ (but lots of people can easily get there).
  • The bar frequently offers the famous and well-appreciated "open bar" option. For around €5 or €7. 50 you can drink as much as you like, and then repeat.
  • Don't forget to smile. There's always a photographer walking around ready to "click", pay attention to your image!
  • There is an enormous space reserved for the bathrooms. It often turns into somewhere to take naps, and maybe for some flirting.
  • It's possible, for example, to order a bottle of vodka or champagne (that comes in an ice bucket and some cups, very fancy, I'd say! )


To find out more about this nightclub and about what you can expect on each night, here is their Facebook page:


Next to this nightclub there is a bakery which is extremely appropriately placed, I have to say. If you leave the club late (or very early) you can always go and banish your hunger here.

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