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Quinta das lágrimas

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Tragic and romantic

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 2 years ago

Coimbra is known by its university but also for being a love city. This fame is due to the story of Pedro and Ines de Castro, the most famous lovers of Portugal, also known as portuguese Romeo and Juliet. Their love story took place in Coimbra, specifically in a place called Quinta das Lágrimas.

Tragic and romantic

It's a very big garden with fountains and flowers. A nice place to go for a date or to enjoy the outside. The most famous monuments there are the Fountain of Love (Fonte do Amor) and Fountain of Tears (Fonte das Lágrimas), where Ines was killed.

Tragic and romantic


The story of Pedro and Ines happened in the 14th century in the kingdom of Galizia (before Portugal and Spain were separate nations). Pedro 1st was the sucessor to portuguese throne and his life was almost all decided by the royal family - he had to marry a royalty girl and have kids. He married Constança Manuel, after many attemps of his father, and had 3 sons with her.

But, he didn't really like his wife. Actually, he felt in love with her maid, Ines de Castro. He started having an affair with her, and that wasn't good for the Prince's image among the royalties. Thus, the king and queen, his parents, put Ines in the nunnery.

But that didn't stop the romance between Pedro and her. He couldn't visit Ines, but he would send letters to her through boats and bottles in the water, that would come in through the nunnery's fountain - the love fountain.

Tragic and romantic

Ines left the nunnery and she settled in a cottage near it, which is now Quinta das Lágrimas. During this time, Constança, Pedro's wife, died, and he started visiting Ines. They had three kids together.

The king wasn't happy about it at all and he feared that Ines sons would want to rise to the throne. So, he sent men to kill Ines de Castro.

She was murdered in the tears fountain inside Quinta das Lágrimas and it is said that if you look closely, you can still see her blood in the rocks. (I couldn't see anything, though)

Tragic and romantic

Pedro grieved for years and when he became King, he revenged Ines death by making all of the people who interfered in his romance with Ines kiss her dead hands (really creepy).


That is why Quinta das Lágrimas is an important place to visit in Coimbra.

Tragic and romantic

It is now a touristic spot. It has even a luxury hotel inside and a place to host events, where many weddings happen. To visit it you have to buy tickets - it costs 2, 50 euros per person.

Tragic and romantic

To get there you'll probably cross a bridge that tribute both lovers, called Pedro e Ines. A really nice place to see the city. Also, inside you'll find a tree where lovers tight laces with their names asking for eternal love.

Tragic and romantic

Would you like to get married where the most important love story of Portugal took place? Or maybe date someone there?

I wouldn't, but I certainly liked visiting it. You can still feel the love and the grief in the air.

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