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Coimbra University

Published by Mafalda J. Barata — 9 years ago

The oldest in Portugal, and one of the oldest in the world, it marks a great spot the city of students.

You will find many places talking about it, and if you have time, you should visit all the 8 departments that the university consists of, the tower clock and the museum.

But for me, as a Coimbra student, the best part of studying in such a traditional city, are the parties we have been celebrating for hundreds of years: Ladata and Queima das Fitas.

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Most important university in the country

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 2 years ago

Coimbra is a small town in the center of Portugal but it is one of the most important places in the country due to its university. It is the oldest and most traditional university in Portugal and it is considered World Heritage by UNESCO. 

Most important university in the country


University of Coimbra has more than 800 years old and it is the third oldest in the world. All of this tradition is kept in the students and teachers routines, in the classes they have, and the places they study. 

The most famous colleges are The Law School, Letter school and Cience school, all located in the main campus, just in the center of the city. The buidings are imposing, but not as old as the university. 

When the university was found it wasn't in Coimbra, but in Lisbon. Only in 1500 it was transfered to Coimbra, to the old Kings Pallace in the city. 

Most important university in the country

The university was founded by D. Dinis, a portuguese king. Therefore, there is a great statue of him in the middle of the main campus. 

Another statue is featured there: D. João the third, another important portuguese king. 

Most important university in the country


Due to all the University is now a touristic place and many of the buildings that used to be schools became museums. You can visit the old king rooms, the old rector room (where some cerimonies still take place), the terrace, the main tower, the university chapel, the old cience school and the oldest library in Portugal: Biblioteca Joanina. 

Most important university in the country

The library has more than 700 books from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries, kept in golden shelves. The books are conserved by the wood in the walls and by the bats who live there and eat the moths. It is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, according to many tourism researches - and i agree! 


You can also enter some of the actual schools, such as Letter school, Physics and Chemistry, and see the students living the tradition. Many of them still wear capes and gowns, worn since the beggining of the university. Also, they take part in Fado groups and live in Republicas that have more than 100 years old.

Most important university in the country

Visiting Coimbra and studying there you'll be in touch with a lot of tradition. 

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