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Praça da República

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The heart of the city

Published by Lena Sunshine — 3 years ago

It is where students meet, start the night or just hang out, sing songs and play the guitar. It is where the pulsing night life rises. It is the center of the city, from here everything is close by. It is a big round plaza, a roundabout, with beautiful old cobblestones in black and white forming a unique artwork. It's surrounded by bars and cafés, places to eat and the famous Jardim da Sereia, the garden of the mermaid, build in 1723, which was build by monks to meditate and recollect themselves. At the entrance it has three statues representing faith, charity and hope.

This is the best place to start discovering Coimbra and its people. The best time to start the night is around 11 o´clock, that is when the Portuguese leave their homes fed and drunk, happy and cheerful, ready for anything the night might bring. Usually they then meet at the Praça, different groups mix and join. During the day it is also a good start if you want to see more of the city, as I mentioned before it is close to everything. There's also a good bus connection. It will be easy to get anywhere you want.

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