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Cinemas and Theaters in Bydgoszcz

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  15. Cinemas and Theatres in Bydgoszcz
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The good thing about going to the cinema in Poland is that you can watch all the movies in the original version and with Polish subtitles. Of course, there are dubbed ones too, but these are mostly animated movies for children. So don’t worry, go to the cinema and enjoy the movie, you’ll understand everything!


  • Address: Focha 48
  • Phone: +48 52 568 43 10
  • 10 screening rooms
  • Opening hours: around 9 am - 10 pm
  • Price: 18-20 PLN, depending on the day of the week. There are some special offers with the tickets for 16 PLN

You can make a reservation online. You can also buy the ticket online, but in this case you pay 1 PLN more. Website.

Cinema City

  • Address: Jagiellońska 39/47 (Focus Mall)
  • Phone: +48 52 554 37 77
  • 13 screening rooms
  • Price: 18-19 PLN for movies 2D. Special price on Wednesday - 16 PLN (19 for 3D).
  • Booking and purchase online available. Website


  • Address: Fordońska 141 (Galeria Pomorska)
  • Phone: +48 52 581 00 63
  • Price: 18-20 PLN (20-22 for 3D). Special price on Tuesday: 15 PLN. Cheaper tickets in the mornings (before 1.30 pm) - 16 PLN
  • There is Kino Konesera on Thursdays - special screenings with independent movies
  • If you want to get familiar with Polish culture there are Polish movies screenings every Thursday at 6 pm for just 10 PLN
  • Booking and purchase online available. Website

Kino Orzeł

  • Address: Marcinkowskiego 12 (MCK - Miejskie Centrum Kultury - the Municipal Cultural Center)
  • Phone: +48 52 325 55 40
  • Ticket price: 11 PLN for students

A small, more independent cinema, which screens indie movies (but some blockbusters from time to time as well) and holds some special events such as Docs Against Gravity Festival (read more here) or Animated Movies Festival “Animocje” (this international festival is going to take place for the 7th time between 23rd and 29th of April 2017). More info about Animocje here: Animocje on Facebook and The Kino Orzeł also organise open air screenings in the summer time in the most important places of the city.

Follow their website for more info.

Pałac Młodzieży - DKF Niespodzianka

  • Address: Jagiellońska 27
  • Phone: +48 52 583 00 19
  • Every Thursday at 7.30 pm there is a movie screening for just 5 PLN for students
  • For the repertoire you should visit this website

Cafe Kino

  • Address: Długa 32
  • Phone: +48 607 671 643
  • Opening hours: 8 am - 11 pm

Nice cafe on Długa Street, where you can enjoy fresh coffee (also a beer) and free movies every day. You just take your coffee and go downstairs, where you can sit on comfortable sofas and see the movie for no additional charge. Screenings usually take place in the afternoon or in the evening. The list of the planned movies can be found here.

Open air cinemas in the summer

At the roof of Zielone Arkady Mall (car park) and in front of Drukarnia Mall (Gdańska Street). Also in front of the entrance to the Mózg Club (parkowa Street).

Opera Nova, Polski Theater and Pomeranian Philharmonic

If you are more interested in high culture you can visit one of those places. In Opera Nova, which is kind of musical theater, there are operettas, musicals, ballet and opera galas. Opera house cannot be missed, as it’s located in a bend of Brda River, just opposite to Mill Island (Focha 5 Street).

Polski Theater (Mickiewicza 2 Street) has recently become one of the most important and innovative theater scenes in Poland. Each month the theater organises student Wednesday, when you can see one of their performances for just 10 PLN. Info about the next student event can be found here. You just need to show your student card at the ticket office. Another important thing: once a month you can watch a play which has been translated into English along with English subtitle. Click here for the list of translated performances.

For classical music go to Pomeranian Philharmonic on Szwalbego 6 Street.

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