2 Days in Bydgoszcz

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  18. Bydgoszcz In 2 Days - What to see in Bydgoszcz in 2 days

Day 1


We start our little tour around Bydgoszcz in the morning, let’s say at 9 or 10 am, in the Old Market Square, the heart of the Old Town. We can see the main square of Bydgoszcz, where all the most important events take place. We go towards the City Hall and the cathedral. You should put aside 15-30 minutes to see the interior. Just next to the church we can see Farny Weir. Then Przyrzecze Street leads us to the entrance of Mill Island. We can spend some time here, one or two hours, relaxing on the grass, watching the river and drinking beer or eating nice ice-cream (recommended place for this:Strefa). If we get hungry, we can go to Karczma Młyńska to eat a traditional Polish lunch. At the Mill Island several museums can be found, read more here (Museums at the Mill Island)…

It’s time for us to move on, our next stop is the Bydgoszcz Marina. We reach Focha Street by the narrow causeway. We turn right and go to see the Opera Nova building. We go to the river and on to Staromiejski Bridge. We can see the Granaries from here - and can enter the museum to learn more about the history of the city. Next to the old Granaries, there is the mBank building. On the opposite side of the river we can see the Main Post Office.


In the afternoon we continue our tour around Bydgoszcz by discovering the Downtown area. We start at Gdańska Street, going north to the Wolności Square. On our way there we can see the department store “Jedynak”, Hotel pod Orłem and the buildings surrounding the Wolności Square. We turn right just behind the church and go to see the Potop fountain. Take a picture in front of the statues, as people used to do here before the Second World War. From there we follow Gimnazjalna Street, where you can find some “hipster” places, like Landshaft, etc. We can stop here for a piece of cake and a coffee.

Later on we go straight ahead to the Pomeranian Philharmonic. We are in the middle of the Music District. We can go around Jan Kochanowski Park, see the Polish Theater, The Archer Lady Statue (Łuczniczka) and the art-nouveau architecture by Mickiewicza Street. Walk down 20 stycznia 1920 roku Street and then Chodkiewicza Street to the right to reach the Botanical Garden. Next we go to see the Ossolińskich Street with the oak alley (some famous people planted these trees). We can turn right to see the Sielanka District. On our left hand side we can see the monumental Basilica Church - the biggest church in Bydgoszcz and one of the biggest in Poland. It has a capacity of 12,000!. You can see that it took some inspiration from the Basilica of Saint Peter in Vatican City.

From the basilica we go towards the Focus Mall, one of the biggest shopping centres in Bydgoszcz region, which is built on the site where the slaughterhouse was located for 100 years. Interesting fact: famous American writer J. D. Salinger (the author of The Catcher in the Rye novel) worked there for a while just before the Second World War. There are many restaurants and cafes, where we can get some food and rest after a long day of sightseeing. The Jagiellonów roundabout is very close to the Focus Mall, and here we can finish our tour. We can also visit the Old Market Square once again in the evening, to grab a beer.

Day 2

Myślęcinek Park

The second day of our stay in Bydgoszcz can be spent in surrounded by nature. As you already know, one of the biggest benefits of Bydgoszcz is its location: from every side it’s surrounded by forest, with the Vistula river on the east side. We can spend a whole day in the Forest Park of Culture and Recreation “Myślęcinek”. We can visit a zoo or an amusement park, go for a walk in the botanical garden, or even have a barbecue or a picnic at Różopole Glade. If we get hungry, we can get something to eat in the bar. There are many opportunities to be active and do some sports in Myślęcinek: you can go cycling, rollerblading, hiking, skating, skiing, golfing, horse-riding or fishing, playing football or tennis - whatever you could wish for, really. Visit Myślęcinek Park and enjoy!

How to get there:

  • with tram line no. 1, 2 and 10 to the “Las Gdański” stop
  • with bus line no. 52 (stops in Myślęcinek are: “Las Gdański - southern entrance, close to amusement park, “Myślęcinek” - eastern entrance next to the zoo and the lakes. “Jeździecka / Ogród Botaniczny” and “Jeździecka / Hipiczna” will take you to the northern part on the hills and botanical garden).
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