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Hala Koszyki

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Warsaw's hip-turned Market Hall

Published by flag- Martyna Konopka — 4 years ago

Hala Koszyki is a newly renovated market hall which should not be overlooked on any hipster foodie's tour of Warsaw. Once serving as a traditional market place (open since the beginning of the 20th century) and until not too long ago falling into oblivion, Koszyki (directly translating to "baskets") have been given a new life - one of delicious smells, fancy glasses, and colourful tiles lining the walls.

Complete with an italian gelato corner, a bakery, and a meatmonger's, Koszyki has managed to retain its traditional function of a market hall while adding an attractive interior and modern function. Don't forget to go upstairs to read all about the renovation works!

Koszyki offers something for anyone, from quick indian or mexican to sit down sushi or tapas. With a bar as a central element, the venue could very easily go from dinner with friends to pre drinks and fun.

Although some people warn of long waiting lines, this depends on the place you choose. Understandably, some of the sit down restaurants will take longer than the more fast-food style joints. Additionally, the place is only in its first month of operation, so we should probably give it some time to warm up. As for the price tags - again, there is something for everyone. Nevertheless, with lots of items slightly above the Polish price average, the place is probably still much cheaper than comparable venues in Europe.

The place is the exact definition of modern hang out spots. It is also certainly everything that Warsaw has always been missing. Come in, even if just for the sake of embracing the one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

(photos below belong to cookmagazine.pl/, koszyki.com/, cookmagazine.pl/ and newsweek.pl/, respectively)

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Cool place

Published by flag-pl Karolina G. — 3 years ago

Cool place

It is really cool, insta-friendly place, where you can have a drink, eat or go shopping. It is like a street market but really well-designed and not so cheap. The venue looks simple and modern. I think it's mostly for young people, looking for some hipster, trendy spots to hang out, drink Prosecco and take plenty of pictures for social media.

But Warsaw, as a capital city, also needed a place like this.

I really like how does the place look like and that it's a bit hidden from the busy and noisy streets, although it can be full of people, especially when there are some special events or during weekends. It is mostly filled with street food and the prices are higher, compared to other fast food chains but it is definitely worth visiting to walk around and experience the unique atmosphere of this place.

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