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  • katowitce

    When I was in warsaw, I used to go there quite often with friends just to hangout. It has good drinks (even for people who don't drink alcohol). The staff is quite friendly too. This was our spot to eat pre-dinner snacks or some (from some I mean Italians) may call it...

    0 by Muhammad Sunny, 2 years ago
  • Hala Koszyki

    It is really cool, insta-friendly place, where you can have a drink, eat or go shopping. It is like a street market but really well-designed and not so cheap. The venue looks simple and modern. I think it's mostly for young people, looking for some hipster, trendy...

    0 by Karolina, 5 years ago
  • Tel Aviv Urban Food

    When you are on a gluten & diary free diet, there are several foods you are craving and burger is just one of them. So whenever I see burger on a menu in GF restaurant, that's what I take (unless they also make pizza, my no 1). Therefore my choise in Tel Aviv...

    0 by Sara, 5 years ago
  • Bar Mleczny Familijny

    Located on probably the most famous street in Warsaw - Nowy Świat - Bar Mleczny Familijny or the Milk Bar is a mandatory place to stop by if you are in the city. The place is not actually a bar as its name says but a small restaurant, cafeteria-style serving...

    0 by Paula, 8 years ago
  • Nonsolo Pizza

    5 tram stops from city center, cozy and romantic restaurant with super delicious Italian original Pizza, be careful! The smell of it is addictive! The best thing they have is Bacon Pizza with Mushroom topping, they also have very good Pasta because they make the baking...

    0 by Fares, 8 years ago

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