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  • Kamionek Lake

    Kamionek Lake is an amazing spot to do a bit of swimming (in summer of course). You can hang out there just with your friends. The surroundings are clean and quiet. But during summer there are normally alot of people but they mind their own business. You could go...

    0 , in Erasmus party Warsaw, 2 years ago
  • katowitce

    When I was in warsaw, I used to go there quite often with friends just to hangout. It has good drinks (even for people who don't drink alcohol). The staff is quite friendly too. This was our spot to eat pre-dinner snacks or some (from some I mean Italians) may call it...

    0 , in Where to eat Warsaw, 2 years ago
  • Hala Koszyki

    It is really cool, insta-friendly place, where you can have a drink, eat or go shopping. It is like a street market but really well-designed and not so cheap. The venue looks simple and modern. I think it's mostly for young people, looking for some hipster, trendy...

    0 , in Where to eat Warsaw, 5 years ago
  • Tel Aviv Urban Food

    When you are on a gluten & diary free diet, there are several foods you are craving and burger is just one of them. So whenever I see burger on a menu in GF restaurant, that's what I take (unless they also make pizza, my no 1). Therefore my choise in Tel Aviv...

    0 , in Where to eat Warsaw, 5 years ago
  • WakeCup

    I was taken to WakeCup by my Erasmus friend as he seemed to spend there every free moment. My first impression was already great, the place was cosy, neat and modern. They had a desent variety of coffee, tea, pastries and quiches and prices were very reasonable. I even...

    0 , in Cafe, cocktail, beer Warsaw, 5 years ago
  • Legal Cakes

    Legal Cakes is a top notch coffee shop based in Warsaw, even though it's not the most popular one (feel free to consider it a hidden gem). They offer variety of hot and cold drinks and more importantly outstanding desserts that you can consume, as the name suggests,...

    0 , in Cafe, cocktail, beer Warsaw, 5 years ago
  • belwederes.hera hotel

    Hello every body My name is Ramin & 26 year old with 180 high and 79 kg weight ,,I am studing in MsC degree in warsaw university in physical chemistry 

    0 , in Erasmus party Warsaw, 7 years ago
  • Park Klub

    ¡10zl (2, 34€) and a free beer bar for 4 hours! What more can you ask for? Park Klub is the bar with the best Erasmus atmosphere in all of Varsovia in regards to Wednesday's. It's an easy option when you don't know where to go out, there's always a party going on...

    0 , in Erasmus party Warsaw, 7 years ago
  • 'K2 Warszawa' - climbing courses and trainings for Students

    We train at the best climbing gym in Poland. We offer courses for beginners and advanced in training. We speak English, french and Russian. We have great atmosphere and professional instructors. Trainings are indoor and outdoor. After the courses on artificial walls we...

    0 , in What to do Warsaw, 7 years ago
  • Rotana Lounge & Sheesa club

    For me is best club for enjoy .. you an smoke sheesha ... you can enjoy your weekend here .....:) on fryday you  can enjoy your night .... if your looking for sheesha here is best one & cheep  tomorrow you all haev invitations... ...... free entry........ see...

    0 , in What to do Warsaw, 7 years ago
  • Downtown and sightseeing of Warsaw

    As I wrote before, I reside in Warsaw, because of study and work there. Not to get bored of routine I occasionally travel around with my friends. Obviously you know that Warsaw is the capital and the largest city by population of Poland. Apparently, there are lots of...

    0 , in What to see Warsaw, 7 years ago
  • Old town

    There is an outstanding place to be which is called the old town. Personally, it feels like the unique spot of Warsaw. During winter holidays we decided to go out. Thousands of people go to old town during any holidays. So do we. Everybody was in a good mood with a...

    0 , in What to see Warsaw, 8 years ago
  • University of Warsaw

    The University’s historical main campus, located in the very heart of Warsaw, is renowned for its splendid architecture. Its imposing buildings, some going back to the 17th century, are one of the city’s main tourist attractions. The opening of the nearby University...

    0 , in What to see Warsaw, 8 years ago
  • Bar Mleczny Familijny

    Located on probably the most famous street in Warsaw - Nowy Świat - Bar Mleczny Familijny or the Milk Bar is a mandatory place to stop by if you are in the city. The place is not actually a bar as its name says but a small restaurant, cafeteria-style serving...

    0 , in Where to eat Warsaw, 9 years ago
  • Warsaw Uprising

    This is something very unique and very intense. If you have the chance to be in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, on a 1st of August you will have the privilege to see and experience a unique sight. Source Source People of Warsaw (this is also spreading of course in...

    0 , in What to see Warsaw, 9 years ago
  • Nonsolo Pizza

    5 tram stops from city center, cozy and romantic restaurant with super delicious Italian original Pizza, be careful! The smell of it is addictive! The best thing they have is Bacon Pizza with Mushroom topping, they also have very good Pasta because they make the baking...

    0 , in Where to eat Warsaw, 9 years ago
  • rama pub

    5 zl Tyskie Beer!? Well, that was their Wednesday special, it was 8zl on Friday and throughout the week. Still though, it was a cool, laid back place, steps away from the metro, upstairs at the mall, an outdoor beer garden, down below - a chill place - mostly locals,...

    0 , in Cafe, cocktail, beer Warsaw, 9 years ago
  • Museum of Contemporary Arts

    Last week I had an interesting trip at the National Museum of Contemporary Arts from Warsaw, but I didn’t have the time, until now, to write about it. First of all, I think it is important to space position the museum, for those of you who are in Poland and who have...

    0 , in What to see Warsaw, 11 years ago
  • Camera Hostel

    Camera Hostel is a great place for rest. It has 80 bed's in 16 rooms, both private and dorm. The prices starts from 40PLN, and includes continental breakfast and WIFI, also tea and coffee are available for free 24H. All our guests have access to a stationary computer in...

    0 , in Where to sleep Warsaw, 11 years ago
  • Museum Narodowe w Warszawie

    For all the art lovers out there in Poland, a trip to The National Museum Of Warsaw is in order. Called in polish “Museum Narodowe w Warszawie”, the building that hosts both national paintings /painters and also works from all over the world is situated in the...

    0 , in What to see Warsaw, 11 years ago

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