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Where every detail matters

Published by flag- Sara Valdemoro Giménez — 5 years ago

I was taken to WakeCup by my Erasmus friend as he seemed to spend there every free moment. My first impression was already great, the place was cosy, neat and modern. They had a desent variety of coffee, tea, pastries and quiches and prices were very reasonable. I even decided to order cappuccino with soy milk instead of regular espresso and I found the flavour appealing.

The best thing however is that the owners took care of every detail. The shelves are absolutely filled with books! I can't wait to go back and read one of them. There is also a variety of up-to-date magazines as well as board games.

Moreover, if you go to the bathroom you will realize that there's a small supply of free tampons. That's such a thougthful geasture. You can tell that this business is not only about making money, but also about providing value.

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