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The Main Library from the "Warszawa Uniwersytet"

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The green secret

Published by flag-ro Dănilă Adriana — 7 years ago

Where is the best place to meet people? Of course, at the pub, one would think fist, because here people come with a certain goal, to have fun. But as they say, “the unexpected hits you in the face in the most unexpected places”.

One of the places that I met Erasmus and Polish students is the Main Universitary Library from the University of Warsaw. It is a really big building with an interesting architectural design and from what I have heard it is the house of never ending shelfs of book, from all areas of studying. Actually, I must confess I have not seen these wonderful books or made a pass at librabry. Some of my friends have been there already and they said that in order to make a pass you just need you student card. It is free of charge. Simple, right?

But why am I telling you about the library since I do not go there for studying? Well, this place holds a secret. It has on its roof one of the most big and charming gardens. During spring, summer, autumn and, even winter you can stay here with your friends, take astonishing photos and of course, meet other students.

Another interesting thing is that you will see in the park lots of just married couples having photo shooting sessions. Beautiful brides dressed in wonderful gowns and elegant men in black, grey or white suits.

At the groundfloor of the garden, you will see a never ending sea of green (when I went there the grass was still, green), old and young trees, a small pond with colourfull fishes and lots of benches to sit on. If this doesn’t please you enough than you must go upward. Up where? Didn’t I tell you?

In this garden you will find two ways to head up, two metal stairs cases. Just walk through one of them. From here, you will be able to see inside the library and have a breath taking view of the city and in particular, of Vistula river. One more thing that you should know is that you do not have to pay any entrance fees for visiting the garden. Either you are a fan of photography, a person who just wants to take a breathe of fresh air or someone who wants to meet new people, you should check this place out.

So we went to the library. There is still sun in the sky and you do not want to go home. Yes, you have plans for the night, but you are bored and want to spend more time outdoors. Well, that is just perfect! After exiting the library just remain on the same sidewalk, turn left and go forwards. You will get to a huge park, walk through it until you see the water coming close and closer to your eyes. You have reached the river Vistula, that previously you admired from the rooftop of the library "Warszawa Uniwersytet". Here, if you are lucky you will meet some truly nice, new friends, like I did (to see which, check the photos, but I will give you a hint, "they" have wings and you will take a glimpse of some great boats that are in the same time restaurants and clubs. This way you get to do both an educational journey and a pleasure one, that's if you like these kind of activities. Have fun!

(Pictures made by my dear friend, Giorgiana Astefanei)

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