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  • Downtown and sightseeing of Warsaw

    As I wrote before, I reside in Warsaw, because of study and work there. Not to get bored of routine I occasionally travel around with my friends. Obviously you know that Warsaw is the capital and the largest city by population of Poland. Apparently, there are lots of...

    0 by Denys, 4 years ago
  • Old town

    There is an outstanding place to be which is called the old town. Personally, it feels like the unique spot of Warsaw. During winter holidays we decided to go out. Thousands of people go to old town during any holidays. So do we. Everybody was in a good mood with a...

    0 by Denys, 4 years ago
  • University of Warsaw

    The University’s historical main campus, located in the very heart of Warsaw, is renowned for its splendid architecture. Its imposing buildings, some going back to the 17th century, are one of the city’s main tourist attractions. The opening of the nearby University...

    0 by HaiFeng, 4 years ago
  • Warsaw Uprising

    This is something very unique and very intense. If you have the chance to be in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, on a 1st of August you will have the privilege to see and experience a unique sight. Source Source People of Warsaw (this is also spreading of course in...

    0 by L, 5 years ago
  • Museum of Contemporary Arts

    Last week I had an interesting trip at the National Museum of Contemporary Arts from Warsaw, but I didn’t have the time, until now, to write about it. First of all, I think it is important to space position the museum, for those of you who are in Poland and who have...

    0 by Dănilă, 7 years ago
  • Museum Narodowe w Warszawie

    For all the art lovers out there in Poland, a trip to The National Museum Of Warsaw is in order. Called in polish “Museum Narodowe w Warszawie”, the building that hosts both national paintings /painters and also works from all over the world is situated in the...

    0 by Dănilă, 7 years ago
  • The Main Library from the "Warszawa Uniwersytet"

    Where is the best place to meet people? Of course, at the pub, one would think fist, because here people come with a certain goal, to have fun. But as they say, “the unexpected hits you in the face in the most unexpected places”. One of the places that I met Erasmus...

    0 by Dănilă, 7 years ago
  • Lazienki Palace

    One of the first things I saw in Warsaw was the Lazienki Palace also called the Water Palace. When I went the grass was green, the trees were smiling under the playfull sun, birds were singing on branches, ducks and swans were swiming in the water, squirrels were...

    0 by Dănilă, 7 years ago

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