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Royal Castle

Published by flag- Denys Momot — 5 years ago

There is an outstanding place to be which is called the old town. Personally, it feels like the unique spot of Warsaw. During winter holidays we decided to go out. Thousands of people go to old town during any holidays. So do we. Everybody was in a good mood with a splendid decorations on the streets. Moreover, everything was decorated brilliantly perfect. That was a christmas mood. Despite the fact it was cold, we still were doing very well. My friends and I met colleagues and fellows over there. Basically, there were almost everybody I knew. Later, we came together and had minor party. We spent most of our time nearby Royal Castle and in old town of Warsaw.

You may see the decorated old town of Warsaw below.



I should say that I felt very Christmas as if I was 10 years old. Literally, tourists were amazed by the flashy Christmas decoration. However, I did not take photos of all the decorations of the old town.


Apart from that, there were many discounts in restaurants and cafes where we spent our time. The old town of Warsaw was crowded and little bit noisy. It was sweet but cold. People were happy to walk around the old town with the families. Besides, there were also many couples.

The fabulous Royal Castle is below. It is near by the Christmas tree.


This is the beginning of our minor party.


However, cold does not bother when you have great company and discounts in restaurants and cafes. I was pleased to see my friends that day. It was funny and unforgattable meeting for us. I still remember that awesome day. Eventually, we agreed to meet next year again.

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