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    Arctic Snow Hotel

    Have you ever heard of the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen? If you have, you most likely know his most famous tale called "the snow queen". The story tells us about two children, one of which became frozen by the Snow Queen. Well, this entry is not about the fairy...

    by Nika in What to see Rovaniemi, 7 years ago
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    3 weeks working as a guide helped me to get acquainted with the famous Finnish Lapland places. One of the places that I would like to introduce is Ounaskievari - reindeer farm that it located 15 minutes form Levi and 170 km from Rovaniemi. Unfortunately, this website...

    by Nika in What to do Rovaniemi, 7 years ago
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    The Eiffel Tower

    The first time I came to Paris, I had the main idea behind: to see Eiffel Tower. When I was landing, sitting near the window in my plane, I was trying to see Eiffel Tower from the top. I was trying so hard that even nearly squashed my face with the window. During my...

    by Nika in What to see Paris, 7 years ago
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    The Louvre, Le Louvre, Museo del Louvre - this place sounds the same in most languages and is not confused with any other. Even a small child knows that Louvre is an art gallery, or actually the biggest art gallery in the world, located in the heart of Paris in France....

    by Nika in What to see Paris, 7 years ago
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    L'Etoile Venitienne

    Have you ever tried real snails, also known in France as Escargot? Well, if you are coming from the southern country, then you probably have. I am coming from the North so snails was on my on my top check list when I came to Paris. Some people consider eating snails...

    by Nika in Where to eat Paris, 7 years ago
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    Ballon de Paris (the Ballon Generali)

    Since I had already visited all the must-see places in Paris and still had some time, I decided to explore something unusual, something memorable to make my friends jealous (they were already jealous because I saw the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. However, I wanted to...

    by Nika in What to do Paris, 7 years ago
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    Carlsberg Old Brewery

    While being in Copenhagen, I have decided that it is a must to visit Carlsberg Old Brewery Museum and to explore how it all started. To tell the truth, the museum is quite challenging to find, it is located a bit outside of the center of the city so you definitely need...

    by Nika in What to see Copenhagen, 7 years ago
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    Nyhavn (New Harbour)

    Besides the Little Mermaid which I aleady mentioned in one of my entries, there is another symbol of Copenhagen. The place is called Nyhavn and has a very easy translation: New harbour. Why Nyhavn and what is so special in it? First of all, look at the...

    by Nika in What to see Copenhagen, 7 years ago
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    Tex Mex

    While my stay in Steyr, Austria, we have decided to try something unusual and not typically-Austrian. Our choice was the only Mexican restaurant in Steyr - Tex Mex. Tex Mex is considered as a fancy restaurant. The prices are pretty high for Austria, people come here to...

    by Nika in Where to eat Steyr, 7 years ago
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    Steyr, oldtown

    I have visited my friend this year in Steyr, Austria. She mentioned that I am going to see the cutiest and the loveliest town not only in Austria but also in the whole Europe. As being a permanent traveller, I was pretty sceptical and couldn't believe her at...

    by Nika in What to see Steyr, 7 years ago
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    The Little Mermaid

    Symbol of Copenhagen The Little Mermaid is considered to be the most visited place in Copenhagen and the most known association with the city. Danish people, however, are not so keen on this idea: how can a small statue be the symbol of the whole beautiful...

    by Nika in What to see Copenhagen, 7 years ago
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    Malmö promenade

    If you have a free time while visiting Copenhagen, don't waste it! Run to the main railway station and take the train to Malmo. The connection between Malmo and Copenhagen is really good, the train runs every 20 minutes and it takes 30-40 minutes to get there. The price...

    by Nika in What to see Malmö, 7 years ago
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    If you visited Copenhagen but haven't visited Tivoli, you didn't use your time right. That's what I found while googling the most famous places in Copenhagen. What is Tivoli and why is it so popular? Tivoli is just an amusement park which has a perfect location in...

    by Nika in What to see Copenhagen, 7 years ago
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    Christiania Source The place in Copenhagen where people consider themselves not Danish but the citizens of independent country of Christiania. It's not so true though. Christiania is fully dependent on Copenhagen, from the energy and other supplies that come from...

    by Nika in What to see Copenhagen, 7 years ago
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    This place might not look fancy, however, it has its own history. It was opened back in 1958 and still exists. Situated nor far from Nevskiy prospect (the main street of Saint-Petersburg), people come here on purpose, you may not find many foreign tourists. Every time I...

    by Nika in Where to eat Saint Petersburg, 7 years ago
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    Erasmus Lahti 2014 / 2015 (English)

    Hey Alan, My name is Nika, I am tutor of Lahti University of Applied Sciences so I can answer on your questions :) Concerning accommodation, why don't you want to live in Mukkula (area in Lahti) where all exchange students live? It's quite far from the center but it's...

    by Nika in Erasmus forum Lahti, 7 years ago
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