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  • Experience

    Discovering charming South of Taiwan ( part 2)

    As I wrote in last article, today I would like to share with you second part of my travel. Journey full of misterious and funny moments. In previous article I described the second biggest city in Taiwan-Kaohsiung and the Southest part of Taiwan with incredible charming...

    0 by Łukasz in Erasmus experiences NCTU , 2 months ago
  • Blog

    First impression- 第一印象

    Here we are. In modern, free and incredible charming country. Place where I become more peaceful. Professional University service and staff help me easy to adapt into the new environment. Living at the campus giving a big opportunity to spend more time with colleagues....

    0 by Łukasz in General, 2 months ago
  • Experience

    Discovering charming South of Taiwan ( part 1)

    Travelling gives a lot of opportunity to strive with new culture, learn some history and who knows maybe meet your friend from the past. Our world is full of amazing poeple who are striving to discover undiscovered. Fortunately we are living nowadays in the world...

    0 by Łukasz in Erasmus experiences Kaohsiung, 2 months ago
  • Blog

    10 facts about Taiwan

    Time passed so fast. I remember doubts and excititation about currrently exchange program. To be honest I didn’t expect such nice atmposhpere here. I spent two weeks in the country with very fast economical growths, open- minded people and huge diversity of cuisnes....

    0 by Łukasz in Erasmus blog Taiwan, 2 months ago
  • Blog

    National Chiao Tung University & Accomodation

    So here I am. I have spent here already one amazing week. University and atmphosfere  make a very good first impression on me. Everything is very professional and modern. Today I would like to share with you necessary things about university and accomodation. There is...

    0 by Łukasz in Erasmus blog NCTU, 2 months ago
  • Blog

    Waiting for the flight

               2019 already come. From the beginning I promise myself one thing. I will spend it efficiently. Last year I have spend amazing semester through Erasmus project in Almeria. I met so many incredible people whose inspire me, motivate and show new way of...

    0 by Łukasz in General, 3 months ago

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