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First impression- 第一印象

Published by Łukasz Kisiala — 16 days ago

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Here we are. In modern, free and incredible charming country. Place where I become more peaceful. Professional University service and staff help me easy to adapt into the new environment. Living at the campus giving a big opportunity to spend more time with colleagues. Also there are many different ways to experience interesting day. We got chance for many  curricular activities.I will describe them in the further articles. 

First impression-  第一印象

Today I would like to share with you about some difference between my last Erasmus in Spain and current in Taiwan. People are going for exchange for many reasons. Some of them want to explore as much as possible- being wild and free other wants to see another point of view. There are also many people who believe that we all are world’s citizens. They want to live life wihtout any barrier with global legal standards. Living life without obstacles and doubt to be judging by anyone. There are diversity among exchange students. In fact there are two main features. They are invidualist and young. Invidual enough to break up young enough to not be closed into mechanisms leading the world. Although there is many reasons why they choose exactly this place, than the others. After first few days I would like to confront two destinations- Taiwan&Spain and make conclusions about trend, among poeple chosing each destination.

First impression-  第一印象

During Erasmus in Spain mostly there were extravertic poeple. Other type exist but was dominated by the others. Most of people came there to meet new poeple, make friends and have amazing adventure. It is easy possible through the party. That’s why ESN prepared many trips based on integration.There is many possibbilities to establish friendship. In fact I went there to make some friends. And it worked :D. In fact many friendship/relationship have been created. Two of my friends from Poland are still in relationship with their boyfriends from Italy and Spain. My city have visited friends from Jordania and Spain. I have still contact with many of my friends from exchange and plan to visit them as soon as possible. Also with my polish friends I have contact or they live in my city.

First impression-  第一印象

In Taiwan is quite different. Everything is more aloof (zdystansowane). Of course there are some cultural difference between Asia and Europe. Nonetheless I just mention incoming students. In Spain majority were Italians with temperament and open-minded Mexicans. Here in Taiwan most of them are from France or Scandinavian Peninsula. More calm&thoughtful and really intelligent. They look at the attitude and way of talking. Most of them have been on Erasmus before. They plan to come here more to experienced new culture than meet new people. Although it is also very important. Nevertheless not like in Spain. Incoming students here in my opinion much more take care about behavior and personal development. They seems to be very open-minded and aware of. Sometimes I feel like destinations in Asia are next step after Erasmus. It seems to be like that. I am afraid of idea about another self aware level :P

First impression-  第一印象

To summarize I want to underline one important fact. I am here just for a short time. I am still growing up with new ideas. I wrote it because I am willingly to check it out after the exchange program. It is amazing how many thoughts we have during exchange program. We hide our horizont thinking due to many stimuli which affect us. Coming later to our countries with so many doubts. Shaping into form through society. This aricles I treat as a souvenir. Souvenir which hopefully never disappear.

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