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    Exchange in Guadalajara, Mexico

    Hey everyone! It's been many months since I returned from Mexican soil. However, the experience has been so positive and enriching that I wanted to share it with you. I study architecture and had previously done an exchange in Portugal, so my first choice destination...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus experiences UDG , 2 years ago
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    The reasons I went on Erasmus

    I'm going to tell you the reasons why, it's all written here. I was 15 years old when everything around me changed in a matter of minutes. I was blind then, it was as if I were in the middle of a dense sandstorm. I couldn't see beyond the land in front my eyes, and as...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus news, 2 years ago
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    Pauline's Erasmus experience in Zaragoza, Spain

    Why did you choose to go to Zaragoza, Spain? Because I wanted to explore Spain as I'd never been before. And because I wanted to see the sun, of course! How long is the scholarship? How much money did you receive to help you with living costs? It lasts 9 months, and we...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus experiences Zaragoza, 2 years ago
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    Living in Zaragoza

    What do you think about living in Zaragoza? Would you recommend it? What's it like? For me, Zaragoza is a city that's perfect for university students. There are lots of things to do, a big university student population, libraries universities, shopping centers, green...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus experiences Zaragoza, 2 years ago
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    Chapter 3: A weekend on Tenerife. Van experience on the Canary Islands!

    In this chapter, we're going to the island of Tenerife, to the sweltering heat of the Canary Islands for a weekend. We're going to make the most of the time we have there with our van. Before I start I have to update you on some news regarding the facilities within our...

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    "The battle" between halls of residence and private apartments (Price and quality of life)

    In my last article, I explained what you needed to do once you had been given an Erasmus placement for the upcoming year (check it out here); The last point I made was on the topic of accommodation. This point likely left you with an over-arching worry about making a...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus tips, 2 years ago
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    What you need to know if you're coming to Brussels

    Let's start at the beginning! First, let's talk about < strong>arriving in Brussels! When you were allocated your destination, you probably realised that you had to get there somehow, and you may have decided to do so by plane. In that case, the question arises:...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus experiences Brussels, 2 years ago
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    The 7th of March, sunrise on the beach

    The best plans are undoubtedly the spontaneous ones. I don't know about you but I've always dreamed of seeing the sun rise from the beach. I've always liked the idea of being able to see the first ray of light coming out of the sea. I guess we all have some kind of...

    0 by Lauren in General, 2 years ago
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    Laido and Laga beaches: Everything you need to know

    Today I'm not having to travel far from home to share one of my favorite corners of the world with you 'two small but powerful gems that have captivated me since I was little, two places I've grown up with and still play a part in my life now. The most beautiful beaches...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus blog EHU, 2 years ago
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    Wroclaw in a day

    I've already told you a little bit about my Christmas. I also told you that Poland is a country with many beautiful, easily accessible cities. Well, we remembered this on the second day of the year, and decided it was a good time to go to Wroclaw and here's the...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus experiences Wroclaw, 2 years ago
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    A day in Venice: What to see

    Hi, everyone! Today I want to talk to you about my quick trip to Venice. I went last year, whilst I was on an Erasmus year abroad in Pula, so Venice wasn't very far away at all. You can get there by car in just a little over three and a half hours. However, whenever...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus blog Venice, 2 years ago
  • Experience

    A guide to Toulouse: Almost everything you need to know

    Hello! Welcome to my experience in Toulouse. Sit down and get comfortable because there's a lot to read. I'll leave you an index here just in case you want to skip ahead to the parts which interest you most. Let's get started! INDEX Introduction Steps to take before...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus experiences Toulouse, 2 years ago
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    A day in Toulouse

    Hello everybody! I hope you're all doing well. In this post, I want to tell you a bit more about the route I took to Rimini, a journey that I made almost a year ago after passing through the cities of Madrid and Bordeaux. It was time to catch a Flixbus and continue...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus blog Toulouse, 2 years ago
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    Are Basque stereotypes true or false?

    Hello everybody! Today, once again, I'm bringing you a post related to the Basque Country and its people. The thing is, I've heard a lot of stereotypes about Basque people throughout my life and many of them aren't true. That's why I want to set them all out today to...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus blog EHU, 2 years ago
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    Things you miss when you're far away from Peru

    When you're far away from your home country, you definitely miss things like your family, your friends and the food. But when you were born in Peru, you'll notice that you'll miss a lot more than that. You'll miss things that often went unnoticed in your daily life. As...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus blog Peru, 2 years ago
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    Aix-en-Provence, my Erasmus city

    Aix-en-Provence, my Erasmus city Today I'm here to talk about the city where I was able to spend 4 months of my life, thanks to the Erasmus scholarship. When I was browsing the list of countries and cities I could pick as an Erasmus destination, I originally picked...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus blog Aix-en-Provence, 2 years ago
  • Experience

    Angela's Erasmus experience in Zaragoza, Spain

    Why did you choose to go to Zaragoza, Spain? The first time I went to Zaragoza, as an Erasmus student, I chose it because I wanted to study at a good university and not be in a massive city like Barcelona or Madrid. I also wanted a city that was well-connected with...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus experiences Zaragoza, 2 years ago
  • Experience

    Ireland: travelling around the island

    Ireland, another world! I was in Dublin during the month of July, taking part in experiences such as being a tour guide for groups of Spanish people. I'd never been to Ireland before, so it seemed like a good way of getting to know the place and its history! A new...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus experiences Dublin, 2 years ago
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    10 places in Cyprus you must visit

    10 places you can't miss out on when you visit Cyprus Hello again, everyone! I told you earlier about my first day in Cyprus, specifically the route we took to the beaches of Ayia Napa. You can read this post if you want to follow this whole chapter and not miss a...

    1 by Lauren in Erasmus blog Cyprus, 2 years ago
  • Experience

    Maider's experience in Utrecht, The Netherlands

    How long is the scholarship? How much money did you receive to help you with living costs? Once you've been allocated an Erasmus place, you automatically receive a Sepie grant, although the amount you receive depends on your destination. There are three possible...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus experiences Utrecht, 2 years ago
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    Is it possible to speak 5 languages? How to be a polyglot from my experience

    When I arrived in Milan I had a clear purpose: to learn languages. I arrived speaking the basics of the two languages I wanted to learn (English and Italian), but this didn't stop me in the slightest to make my goal clear, from the first moment I had to give everything...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus tips, 2 years ago
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    Learning a language in 6 months.

    Is it possible to learn a language in 6 months? The quick, simple answer is yes, but there's a lot more to it. People often think going abroad will solve their language problems in a matter of seconds. They think, without needing to struggle or attend classes, they'll...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus tips, 2 years ago
  • Experience

    Life in Hilde

    I'm writing this post as I would have liked to have read something like this before coming to Hildesheim. For the record, I haven't finished my Erasmus year yet, so I can answer any questions you have and even find out something you want to know. Hilde (as we call it)...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus experiences Hildesheim, 2 years ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus experience in Wageningen, Holland: My experience and advice

    My experience: It all starts the moment you decide to do an Erasmus year abroad, when you decide which countries you'd like to go to based on the language spoken there, the level of the University and the subjects available to study there, the climate and - why lie...

    0 by Lauren in Erasmus experiences Wageningen, 2 years ago
  • Place


    It's time for a small tour through the city of Zlin. This tour is dedicated to those who are thinking of choosing “Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně (UTB)” as their Erasmus destination but can't even place this small town on a map. Firstly, Zlin is part of the...

    by Lauren in What to see Zlin, 2 years ago

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