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Erasmus blog Santa Cruz de Tenerife

  • Internship in Tenerife

    I could have never imagined a place where so many interesting things are united. A place surrounded by incredible nature and with incredible climate. An experience that feels like living a dream. I will tell you about how you can make this dream come true, thanks to...

    0 by Debbie, 2 years ago
  • How to use the tram in Tenerife.

    Although it's likely that in your hometown you'll be more used to the tram system, it will obviously have its differences when using it in another part of the world. On the occasional chance that you might use it, it would be a good idea to read this article on how to...

    0 by Holly, 3 years ago
  • Chapter 3: A weekend on Tenerife. Van experience on the Canary Islands!

    In this chapter, we're going to the island of Tenerife, to the sweltering heat of the Canary Islands for a weekend. We're going to make the most of the time we have there with our van. Before I start I have to update you on some news regarding the facilities within our...

    0 by Lauren, 3 years ago
  • Shopping in Tenerife! - Santa Cruz area.

    Although many people may think that an island like Tenerife cannot stand out for its commercial areas because we barely live 900, 000 people here (very few compared to any known capital or city in Europe), but the huge number of tourists that we receive, which exceeds...

    0 by Patricia, 3 years ago
  • Part 1: Where to take gorgeous photos in Tenerife! SUNSETS

    One of my greatest passions since I can remember has been photography until this day, something which has given me so many moments of fun and which has also made me grow little by little into the world of art, which is also what I study. It is because of this that, for...

    0 by Kate, 4 years ago
  • Welcome to the Paradise, CEIP Isabel la Católica and Playa de las Teresitas

    31 August - 1st of September Meet up with Isabel la Católica feeling As we arranged with Fabiola by emails, my first day at the school started on the first of September. The only thing I knew for sure that she was going to be my mentor teacher and the fact that the...

    0 by Andrea, 6 years ago
  • First day in Tenerife

    29th of August First flight After one of the best friends of my host, Sergio, had explained everything about running the house, I fell asleep. I had not understood what can be so tiring about flying as you actually don't have to do anything during that until I...

    0 by Andrea, 6 years ago
  • The last 5 days in Tenerife - Part 4: Carnaval Parade

    Never ending parade But after a while it became quite exhausting to be there at the side of the road, watching the dancing and singing participants and seeing the same thing all the time. Of course, the costumes differ a bit and the themes of the large carts, too, but...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • The last 5 days in Tenerife - Part 3: Carnaval Parade

    The Large Carnaval Parade of Santa Cruz So finally we had been able to get to the main street in order to see the large Carnaval Parade, but as we had missed about 1 or 1, 5 hours already, all the spectacular and famous things had already passed by. We were disappointed...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago

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