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Internship in Tenerife

I could have never imagined a place where so many interesting things are united. A place surrounded by incredible nature and with incredible climate. An experience that feels like living a dream. I will tell you about how you can make this dream come true, thanks to vocational education cycles in the tourism sector.

You can receive a personal consultation under the following link.

There are multiple different cycles, but all of them last two years. All of them have common subjects, too. This way, after your first formative year, you can begin a new cycle, lasting another year, and choose between many different subjects.

As an example, I studied to receive a degree as a travel guide, correspondent and tourist assistant. Following this course, I specialised in working as a travel agent and in the field of event management. In this field, you have the opportunity to spend three out of six months at an internship in a new place, receiving a new degree.

This new place, for me, was Tenerife, part of the Canary Islands. I did my intership at a luxury resort in the south of the island. Every afternoon when I finished work, I got to enjoy the sun and the beach. It was one of those magical places that you only know from movies.


Tenerife is a beautiful, enchanting island. Wherever you go, you find pure life, no matter if at sea or on land.


I encourage you to take the route that I did. It is accessible to all.


I hope that this story will inspire all those who dream of travelling, of making new experiences. I hope you are aware that this is possible for all, and not only for those who have a lot of money.


Learn, travel and enjoy!

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