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  • Pozuzo: the Land of the Austro-German Descendents

    Hello everyone! I hope that you are all well and have as much energy as I do! Today I would like to tell you about a city that can be found within the central jungle in the region of Pasco, it is a city similar to Oxapampa, as it is known as being a land full of German...

    0 by Kate, 9 days ago
  • 5 Places to Visit Towards the Central Jungle of Peru

    Hello everyone! I hope that each one of you is well! This will be my last article on this blog and so, I was thinking of the things I could write about when it occurred to me to quickly talk about the Central Jungle Route taken on your way through the Peruvian...

    0 by Kate, 9 days ago
  • Why you should travel to Peru?

    ¡Hi everybody! Today that I feel with all the motivations to invite you to visit one of the most fantastic and authentic countries in the world, now that I am very far for my country I can see magically and understand that my country is very lucky to...

    0 by Jesus, 2 years ago
  • My unforgettable trip through the magical Peru

    My trip through Peru In the summer of 2015 I made a trip to Peru together with my twinsister. It was a trip to never forget about. Next I will describe my very intensive 12-day trip through Peru. 17th of July: We arrived at 6 a. m. in Lima, we flew from Rome (because we...

    0 by Ambra, 2 years ago

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