Being Vegan in Lisbon

People say being Vegan must be hard. They argue that options are low, and that there are not many Vegan restaurants suited for this kind of diet. But the fact is, it is not. One can even go to fish and meat restaurants and eat Vegan meals, and I will show you how I do this in Lisbon.


For starters, Lisbon has lots of Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants over the city. In fact, its numbers are increasing very much. Nowadays I always get friends suggesting me new restaurants that offer only vegan meals, and every one of them has a different approach to dishes, either simple vegan meals that are inspired in Portuguese gastronomy, to Japanese sushi vegan rolls, to raw food restaurants. Variety really is big. Here you have an up-to-date list of the restaurants that I have tried:

If you wish to go to a restaurant that also serves meat so you can satisfy your friends and also enjoy a vegan meal you can go to an asian restaurant. These have lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes. I usually go to Nepalese and Thai restaurants. Nepalese restaurants have lots of vegan dishes, such as mashed eggplant, mixed vegetable curry, vegetarian samosas, lentil soup, and many others. Thai restaurants have fried rice, yellow curry with tofu, mixed asian vegetables and many others.

  • Boa Bao
  • Casa Nepalesa
  • Rose Stupa

Regular restaurants such as hamburguer restaurants and italian restaurants usually have a vegetarian/vegan dish, such as a Quinoa salad. Yet, when they do not have one there is always an easy solution: ask for a soup and a salad. All restaurants have soups and salad sidings, so do not be shy to ask for one. You will even be surprised to find out that restaurants usually have more than this. Maybe you will not be full, but it is enough to have a meal with friends and family.

  • To. B

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