Save money in Lisbon - Tips for living on a student budget in Lisbon

How to save money in Lisbon?

Everyone knows that when we go on Erasmus, we tend to spend  money that if we knew the city we wouldn’t need to spend. Of course, although Lisbon can be a cheap place, there are always some tips that we can give in order to help you save some money. 

1)Students Discounts, the first tip, and really important is try to take advantage of the student discounts, it’s always a great choice to save money in almost every place, restaurant, museum, activity and also in transports. 

2)Free Walking Tour, in order to get to know the city, and all the history of the capital, take a free walking tour, usually the people that are doing this tours are really good explaining the city and they will take you to the most known places. 

3)Buy Groceries, one of the other things that is really important is where to buy groceries, the prices in the same supermarket can range a little, in order to save some money try to go to the biggest ones, according to my opinion one of the best places to buy everything that you need is in Continente of Colombo. Beyond that you can also go to Lidl (it’s a really cheap supermarket), Pingo Doce or Mini Preço. But if you want to buy fresh products, with high quality, and with cheap prices go to the traditional markets, you can find one in almost all neighbourhoods, check which one is closer to you. 

4)Museum, if you are really into history, culture or art, in Lisbon you can find a lot of museum’s option to visit, but sometimes they can be a little expensive, the tip that we have for you is go visit the museums on Sundays as  most of them are for free.

 5)Don’t eat in the most typical tourist sites, if you really want to try typical Portuguese food, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, the tip that we have for you is don’t eat in the most typical tourist sites, in this city guide we have a section about food and you can check some good tips for you to go eat out. 

6)Avoid Taxis, Lisbon is a city that has a good transportation services, but sometimes something can happen and you can need to use the other way to go home, our advice it’s avoid taxis, because they are always a little more expensive, instead try to share a Uber with some people, install the App, and you will see that you will be able to save some money. 

 7)Go Walking, Lisbon is a great city for sightseeing, and we understand that you have a lot to see in different areas, but remember,  the capital is not that big, so you can go walking to almost all the main places. Lisbon’s streets are great, if you walk you have the chance to get to know the city much better, and it’s a good way to avoid transports, that sometimes can be very crowded. 

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