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Day trips from Lisbon - Places to visit and excursions around Lisbon

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The location of Lisbon allows you to visit other places that we guarantee you that are something that you have never seen before. Full of history, heritage, culture, traditions, and also amazing natural places with incredible landscapes. Here we will talk about six different places that are less than a 40 minutes travel by car. If you have a free day in Lisbon we advise you to visit these places.


Sintra is one of the best places to see in the surroundings of Lisbon. Sintra was the first city in Europe to be considered, by its natural surroundings, as a World Heritage of UNESCO, in 1995. The places in the village are amazing, it is a place full of history, heritage, magic and mystery. This is a place that you really need to see, it’s a must! Everyone that comes here falls in love with this place, because of its beauty, history, heritage and hidden places that are amazing. If you come to Sintra you have a top three that you need to visit: the National Palace of Pena; Quinta da Regaleira and Monserrate Palace.

How to arrive to Sintra

Getting to Sintra from Lisbon it’s really easy. I would advise you to go by train, because it’s the easiest and cheapest way. You have trains (Cais do Sodré Station) every 30 minutes, and a return ticket costs you 4,30 euros. You also have many other train stations that go directly to Sintra, like Rossio Station, which has a line Lisbon - Sintra.

Sintra Train Station is 1,5 km from the city centre, and going to the Pena Palace or the Castle is even further, because you need to climb to see these places, they are located on a hill. But don’t worry because in the train station you can take a bus (number 434) to the city centre and to the Pena Palace.

To go to Sintra you can’t use your pass because it’s only for the area of Lisbon.

You must visit:

  • Palácio Nacional da Pena”, this palace is one of the top attractions in Portugal, because of it’s architectural beauty, that is unique. A typical palace from the romanticism style, is a monument that remounts to the XIX century. This is the highlight of Sintra, and you can visit it for 10,93 euros, but try to avoid the pic of the seasons, because it is usually full of people.

    Tip: discount of 0,50 euros, with student card.

  • Palácio de Monserrate”, also known as Quinta da Bela Vista, and it’s a Palace that was reconstructed through the years, that ended to be one of the most important monuments of the romantic architecture style. One single ticket cost 7,13 euros, but I guarantee you that it is really worth it.

    Tip: discount of 0,50 euros, with student card.

  • Palácio e Quinta da Regaleira”, the palace is the main monument in Quinta da Regaleira, and it’s classified as a Monument of Public Interest, since 2002. The Quinta is surrounded by different gardens, lakes, caves and other amazing historical things. The Palace is a mix between romantic, Gothic, renaissance and manueline architecture style. Is in this place that you can find the most iconic symbol of Sintra, the Well. A single ticket without a tour guide will cost you 6 euros.

  • Palácio de Seteais”, nowadays the Palace is actually a luxury hotel, and it’s really pretty because of it’s elegant neo classical architectonic style. If you enter inside you will feel like you are in the past century, with all the furniture and decorations that remonts to the XVIII century.

  • Castelo dos Mouros”, this is the Moorish castle of Sintra, and it’s a really popular attraction. Surrounded by the Sintra mountain range, it’s a place that will take you to the X century, when the muslims conquer the Iberian Peninsula. The Castle is open from 10 am. until 6 pm., and a single ticket will cost you 7,50 euros.

    Tip: discount of 0,50 euros, with student card.

  • Palácio de Queluz”, if you’re into Portuguese architecture you need to visit this place, because it’s a great symbol of the ancient royalty in Portugal and also of the so known Portuguese tiles. This royal Palace remounts to the XVIII century, and it has a baroque style, but it has been rebuilt since then, after the big earthquake in Lisbon, in 1755. Here you can see majestic gardens, amazing architecture, and it’s also a big testimony of an important part of the history of Portugal.

    Tip: discount of 0,50 euros, with student card.

We can’t compare these places to any others in the world, it’s just amazing, they’re for sure some of the nicest places in Portugal.

Here you can also find a lot of amazing beaches and beautiful landscapes.

The best beaches are:

  • Praia das Maçãs”, the most known beach of Sintra, from the Pena Palace you can see this place. If you want to chill out on the beach, or go for a coffee near the sea, or instead just some good fish or seafood, this is the place for you. The best place to be during the sunset because the sun will set in the sea.

  • Praia Grande”, this is the place where a lot of international surf & body-board competitions take place. This beach is set in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais and it has a really good water quality. The perfect place to go for a walk, and enjoy the sound of the strong waves of the ocean.

  • Praia Pequena”, this beach is not watched and the access is also not easy. Surrounded by cliffs, this beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Sintra.

You also have a lot of other different beaches that are highly recommended, like Adraga Beach, Aguda Beach, Azenhas do Mar Beach, Magoito Beach, S. Julião Beach, Samara Beach, Ursa Beach and Vigia Beach. But the ones mentioned above are the best ones.

In Sintra you can also find the famous “Cabo da Roca”: is the most western part of Europe, and it’s an amazing place that you need to visit. I would advise you to go during the sunset, because the view that you have to the Ocean is just amazing, and something special. To go to this place from Sintra you can take the bus 403 (is the bus that connects Cascais to Sintra).

Also really important is the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais. Don’t forget to try the “Queijadinhas de Sintra”, a typical pastry from Sintra, and it’s really tasty, so I would advise you to try, and maybe take some home. Definitely worth the visit!


Cascais is one of the most recognised places in Portugal. Going to Cascais it’s really easy. This place has a really good localisation, and also good weather. The weather is mild during the year, because the Sintra ridge covers all Cascais from the storms. During the summer the temperature can reach more than 30ºC.

How to arrive to Cascais

The best and easiest way to go from Lisbon to Cascais is to go to Cais do Sodré Station and then there are trains every 33 minutes. A single ticket will cost you 1,65 euros (with student discount), and the trip will take more or less 40 minutes, because the train makes some stops. I advise a lot to do this trip because the view from the train is amazing, you can see the river Tejo and then you start to see the Ocean, and the landscape will leave you perplexed.

You must visit:

  • Centro Cultural de Cascais”(Cascais Cultural Center), this used to be a Convent, but since 2000 that has been converted to a cultural center, with special focus in paintings. It’s a great place to see some good concerts and performances or to go for a coffee in their esplanade. Considered a dynamic space you can go visit it from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am. until 6 pm., and a single ticket will cost you 3 euros.

  • Casa das Pedras” it’s located in the area of Parede, in Cascais, and it was proposed to become a Monument of Public Interest, because it’s so different and a real traditional monument.

  • Romanesque Remains, this is archaeological heritage, and in Cascais you can visit different places that are the remains of the Romanesque civilisation. If you’re interested in this heritage, you can visit the following places: Roman Cetárias; Caves; Alapraia Necropolis, Ruins; Roman Villages and the sub-aquatic heritage.

  • Cascais Marina, a great place to go for a walk, and enjoy the view to the ocean. Here you can see different boats, international competitions of sailing boats and also international festivals. An amazing place to relax and enjoy the sun during an afternoon!

  • Fort of St. George of Eighth”, Cascais which used to be a fortification to protect Lisbon, because Cascais it’s a really strategic point for Portugal, and Europe. If you come to visit this place you will understand much better the military fortifications that took place in the XV century. Classified as a Monument of Public Interest, you can also visit the museum that they have here, it’s a great place to understand and learn more about the history of this place. A single ticket costs 3 euros.

  • Cidadela Palace, this used to be the one of the Portuguese President’s House, but after 2011 was open to the public. You can visit this Palace from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11 am. until 1 pm. and from 2 pm. until 6 pm. A single ticket will cost you 4 euros.

  • Paula Rego History’s House, this is a museum that has an amazing collection of paintings from a really known Portuguese artist, Paula Rego. The paints that she does, are inspired in books, and then she paints the characters in the way that she imagine the persons. The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am. until 6 pm. A single ticket will cost you 3 euros.

Cascais is really known for its beaches, here you have the best of them to spend your day: Guincho Beach; Poça Beach; Conceição Beach and Duquesa Beach.


Estoril is a great place to go for a walk. Surrounded by green spaces, clean streets and it’s full of amazing and luxury Hotels. Its location it’s really good, because you can go there by train (from Cais do Sodré) and the train stops in front of Estoril Beach. And during the trip you can enjoy the amazing view of the ocean, full of blue and green colour, and with the sun in your face.

  • Estoril Casino, this Casino is a really important place in Estoril and in Portugal. This is a place that any tourist can’t skip, and is considered the biggest Casino in Europe, which gives it an enormous reputation internationally. Here you can find, besides the typical Casino games, bars and restaurants, shows and performances, events, cultural nights and also a club in.

  • Museum of Portuguese Music, founded in 1918, you can find this Museum in Estoril Hill. After a lot of changes in the place, nowadays you can find a garden, Library (center of documentation), and a lot of cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, conferences. The Museum is open from Tuesdays to Fridays from 10 am. to 5 pm. and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am. to 1 pm. and from 2 pm. to 5 pm.

  • Estoril Beaches: Tamariz Beach, S. Pedro of Estoril Beach and S. João of Estoril Beach, usually these beaches are really looking for the surfers. Also try to see the natural pools that the sea creates on the beach.

  • Boca do Inferno, this place is a mandatory spot because the view that you have from here it’s amazing. You can see the caves that lead you to the Ocean.


Mafra is a Portuguese village, and it’s an important place in Portugal because of its historical and monumental importance. Mafra is the place where you can find the biggest masterpiece of the baroque architectural style. To arrive in Mafra you can take the bus from Lisbon (Campo Grande Station), because if you take the bus we will drop you next to the Convent and it’s also a cheap way.

  • National Palace of Mafra, the most iconic monument and place to visit in Mafra, and it’s in the finalist in the competition to become one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal. Here you can visit different places to visit, the Basilique, the iconic Library (the biggest treasure of Mafra, because it is the biggest literary works of Portugal), the Palace and the Carillons.

  • Tapada de Mafra, is a green place where you can go to see different animals, nature or landscapes. This space is full of biodiversity, and usually you will see a lot of kids, because it’s a place that receives a lot of study trips. Before this amazing Natural Park was the House of the King João V, in the XVIII century, it was the house of entertainment and the place for the hunt sport.

  • Cerco’s Garden, this is a baroque garden and this is a must to visit if you go to Mafra. Here you can find water mirrors, big trees, centenary monuments, waterfalls, aromatic plants and amazing hidden places. This garden was inspired by Versailles and it’s a great thing to do if you want to escape from the big city during an afternoon. It’s open from 9 am. until 5 pm. or 7 pm. (depending on the season), and the good thing is that the entrance is free.


Almada is a Portuguese city, and it’s mostly known for the statue of Christ the King, but here you can also see other amazing places like the Costa da Caparica Beach (a place where all the students go), the Frigate of D. Fernando II and Gloria; the Peace Park or watch dolphins. If you want to go to Almada, first you have to go to Alcântara Mar (because it is the easiest way, but first check if there is another way, each can be closer to you), and then take a bus until Almada, bus number 176.

  • Cristo Rei. It’s a statue that represents the Christ King, a copy from the one that exist in Brazil. The idea to build the Monument to Christ came up in 1934, when the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, Eminence Manuel Gonçalves Cerejeira, went to visit Brazil. It’s a place that you need to visit because it is an important part of Lisbon. The schedule of the place depends on the time of the year: from 1st to 14th of July it is open from 9h20 am. until 6h45 pm.; from 15th July to 31st of August it’s open from 9h20 am. until 7h20 pm.; from 1st of September until 20th of September is open from 9h20 am. until 6h45 pm.; and from the 21st of September until the 30th of June is open from 9h20 am. until 6 pm. The price from 16th of October until the 30th of June is 5 euros.


Setúbal is the perfect place to spend a day on the beach, because it’s considered to have the best beaches of this region. One of the best beaches is Galapos Beach, a place with an amazing landscape, with clear blue water, and always with sun. Also try to visit other beaches like Portinho da Arrábida; Comenda Beach; Figueirinha Beach; Albarquel Beach; Outão Beach or Creiro Beach. Besides the beach you can also attend some typical activities, like watching dolphins, because it’s really common to them here, and it’s an amazing experience. In this place you also have the known “Serra da Arrábida”, that is full of amazing hidden places, like The Natural Park of Arrábida; The Roman Ruins; Arrábida’s Convent; Santa Maria of Arrábida Fort and the amazing place in the Hill where you can go to do Climbing.

To go to Setúbal, the best way to go to these hidden places is by car, so I would advise you to rent a car with your friends, during the day, because it’s the best way to know Setúbal and all the amazing beaches and landscapes.

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