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How much does the accommodation cost in Leeds?

Rent is usually an average of £90 pounds a week in a shared house or flat (University of Leeds, 2020) and contracts range from 42 weeks to a year. If you are in student accommodation you will usually pay this termly (three times a year) however, if you are in private accommodation you will pay this amount monthly.

Student halls vs Privately-owned accommodation

For peace of mind, many students opt to go for university-owned accommodation, or halls, particularly if they are a first-year or international student. There are lots of positives, you are guaranteed a place in your first year, it is from a trusted provider and it is a great way to meet fellow students! In University of Leeds accommodation, your bills are included, as well as an off-peak The Edge membership.

In halls, an organisation called Residence Life makes sure that all your social and pastoral needs are met. For example, your hall execs will organise events such as Christmas Balls, welcome BBQs and mystery nights out!

However, some students opt for privately-owned accommodation, which also offers lots of benefits: you can choose where you live and who you live with and often the price can work out cheaper!

These accommodations are usually located in the city-centre, or the student areas Burley, Hyde Park or Headingley! Why not check out our student housing and accommodation in Leeds and explore student rooms in shared houses or even your own studio flat in Leeds.

The definitive guide on how to rent a privately owned flat in Leeds

Look at the pictures. Can you see a picture of each bedroom? Are the photos good quality? If any rooms are missing from the photos or they are too hard to see, this could mean the owner has something to hide. Contact the landlord or agency to ask for all the up to date pictures.

Go and look at the house or flat in a person. This is a must, but a step that many international or even home students skip. It is so easy to edit photos, or even to steal photos from another person. Obviously this is not always possible, so if you can’t go and visit the flat in advance, make sure to use a reliable website like Erasmusu to find a flat!

Check everything. Don’t trust a landlord who says they will fix their mould problem over summer, because once you have signed a contract, you are often stuck in it:

  • Safety - check for smoke, carbon dioxide and burglar alarms

  • Charges - are there charges for things that break which were not your fault, what are the emergency charges and response time?

  • Hidden rental costs - is there an agency fee or deposit?

  • Bills - what bills are there, can you choose your own supplier?

  • Parking - do you need a permit?

  • Cleanliness - no damp or mold, no pests, facilities are not too outdated

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